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GB Micro

PIKMIN042 said:
It's like a 50 Dollar MP3 Player that plays GBA games.

50 Bucks?!?!!?!?!?! I can actually afford that! YAY! *does a random dance* It's nice to know that the Play-Yan is coming out here...
Play-yan is a way to listen to music on your system, they have it over in japan for the DS i beleive, and its very popular, i cant wait til we get it

Do you think you'll be able to play many songs on it? It might not be able to hold a lot withing a normal cartridge, so it might be very expensive... Unless it's built in, which it must be... >__< I'll stop talking now.
Ok. Thanks for the info on it.
u know u can make a game boy micro as a ipod too cause someone did that in japan or somewhere. i read this in a magazine.