I can't help you (right now, at least) but you can get them without connecting to anyone else..
coconuts will randomly wash up on your beach from time to time, plant them around your beach (not too far away from the sand, all along the bottom/coast) they'll only grow two coconuts at a time, if you didn't know, so only having a few of these is probably best, along with more foreign fruit trees.

as for the foreign fruits, I've heard that there's a good chance that you'll get a foreign fruit from your villagers if you send them letters and attach your own town's fruit..

I haven't ever gotten it to work, but I'm sure there's SOME way that you can get them without trading with real people.

if all else fails, check some FAQs at gamefaqs or something, they usually have their games down but good, and I KNOW there's a huge animal crossing FAQ. they dissected the game but good ^^

good luck
Hey, i could help you out
you can have them all for free, as much as you like

just pm me when we're both online :')