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First Impressions


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Dec 2, 2004

The game is awesome, and I've only scratched the surface. I've designed a pattern at the Able Sisters', almost paid off all of my first loan, caught 11 fish, and tried LAN with my brother (which seriously PWNS). I haven't gotten the chance to try online, but I'm guessing it'll be the same, which is awesome. You can't move furniture while somebody is in your house, but you can if they are outside your house and in your town.

And now you can also sit on chairs from the side!


I've even drunk some coffee; you can't drink coffee, make designs, see K.K., and something else I've forgot while on Wi-Fi and/or LAN. I've also played a net fight, and hide and seek, which are fun.

Sounds good...
I know why you can't move furniture when someone's in your house, lol. If you could you would be able to trap them. :lol:
DarthGohan1 said:
so can you or can't you drink coffee?
I wanna know also, can you or can you not drink coffee? Also I have to wait till tommorrow to get it. From what I heard this game sounds really kewl and will probably have alot of fun all day and not do my homework xD!
Hi guys,

Newbie here. Not just to the boards, but to Animal Crossing in general. I've never played the cube version, and I know about six words in Japanese, so importing anything else would have been silly and/or masochistic!


Anyway, so I have had this game since the 6th, and I have got to say that I absolutely love it. I expected it to be entertaining, but not as addicting as it is. I think I talk to my villagers so much they get annoyed with me!


I've paid off my first loan, made a constellation, and written letters, but I have got to say that, so far, my triumph was learning how to fish on my own. I couldn't figure out the correct timing for a while, and through trial and error, I've begun to donate them to the museum to bulk up the exhibits.

I've become obsessed. My DS battery died at work and I didn't bring my charger, so I have got to wait to go home to play, and it's killing me!