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Empty Lamp


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Jun 8, 2009
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XD Stupid Question but..... You have to find Wisp The night you find the empty lamp; right? o:

Sorry for the Randomness, Ive never found an empty lamp before >>;;

Yeah. Look for him at night, and that night you find the lamp, otherwise it's useless. Also he is usually on the east or west coast.
ExoticSilver77 said:
Yes. Hah, I now have 2 useless lamps, but i use them for decorating my town's landscape.
Me too. I sadly have been unfortunate enough to never find one. My brother has found two though!!
one time i found the empty lamp but then i never found wisp so i so i was like <_< and then gave it to my friend for some odd reason i was like here ya go have fun with it i wonder if he still has it :r