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demented chats i have with my friends


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Jul 15, 2005
abercrombie1567: hey
villindude: hehehehehe corn muffins ehehehe
abercrombie1567: huh???
villindude: corn hehheehehehe muffins hehehehehhee
villindude: scared hehehehehe shiveringg heheheheeeh
abercrombie1567: i don't get it or are u just bein weird
villindude: scared heheheheheh muffins corn hehehehhe dont mix heheheheheh nasty hehehehehehe they heheheheheh take hehehehehheeh over hehehehehhehe the hehehehhehehehe world
abercrombie1567: i stilll don't get ur little corn muffin crap lol
abercrombie1567: k stop it's like gettin really anoying
abercrombie1567: please
villindude: hheheheheheh corn hehehhehehe muffins hehehehe cant hehehehehe stop ehhehehehehe to ehhehehehehehe scared
abercrombie1567: what's ur problem omg matt it's more anoying on line then in person
villindude: heheheheheheh scared hehheheheheh save me eheheheheh to scared ehhehehehehehhe to stop heheheheheheh help ehhehehehheehhehe me...
villindude: corn muffins were eatimg me and u didnt even help sum friend

my first
abercrombie1567: sry
abercrombie1567: i really am
villindude: phhh
abercrombie1567: i didn't get
villindude: i tried biting them but they were nasty i got up satirs and cut them with knifes
abercrombie1567: ur jk right
villindude: NO

my own corn muffins got out of hand

and have u seen a guy bite his own head off hu hu yea i got u there didnt i
abercrombie1567: so let's talk bout smthin else
villindude: no
abercrombie1567: ya
villindude: NEVER and if u were a real friend u call the police department
hollister you realise this topic is 4 years old and that posting in old topics isn't allowed :p