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Congreats bob!

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I was the same for a while lol
now I passed parartroopa and I think I'm a chainchomp but I haven't checked for a while...
Cup Of Noodles said:
he is a paratroopa after being a koopa for 8-7 months


I would like to thank the acadomy...

I will be hosting a party sometime, but I dont know when, prob during the weekend...
I've been a Pianta for many months now.


I still need about one and a half thousand posts for Pokemon Trainer.


Congrats Bob!

I like Nsider. It can get a bit boring after a while especially when you post in the AC:WW forum the most because all of these n00bs (no offense to some of these people) keep posting the same questions and keep breaking the rules.

I'm a Tingle right now.
im a koopa like bob was...i got like 1570 posts...i hardly go to nsider anymore (today is 1st time in like 2 wks.)...i'll be a paratroopa by feb. probly.
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