“Collectible-worthy” collectibles


Let the apples roll!
Sep 9, 2014
Palm City
Green Balloon
Ghostly Kitty Plush
Snowflake Glow Wand
Yule Log
Disco Ball Easter Egg
Tetris Grid
Chocolate Cake
Pumpkin Cupcake
Apple (Fruit)
Ice Cream Swirl (TBT Beach Party)
What collectibles would you consider to be the most “collectible-worthy” (like resembling actual collectibles)? And what collectibles would you consider the least “collectible-worthy” (aka too weird to be considered collectibles)?

In my opinion, a good majority of the collectibles are “collectible-worthy”, but some of them are kinda too weird. The one that comes to mind as the least “collectible-worthy” is the Aurora Borealis collectible, as well as the villager collectibles, the 10 collectible, and half of the animated collectibles (but the animated ones still cool collectibles). Even some of the more “collectible-worthy” collectibles are a bit weird, like the mush lamps and crescent moons. The top ten most “collectible-worthy” categories are usually up for display on my sidebar.
I think they're all collectible-worthy! However, I do especially like ones that aren't sprites from the games (unlike perfect fruit or toy hammers, for example) and have unique designs that aren't part of a set where only the color changes (unlike star fragments, birth stones, etc).
Tetris Grid
Crescent Moon Glow Wand
Enchanted Bloom
Green Fair Pinwheel

👆Designs like these are wonderful! There's no wasted space and you can tell that a lot of time and effort was put in to make them as great as possible. Each one is a work of art by itself.
idk why i understood this as “which of the collectibles would be cool to collect in real life” but anyway suspending disbelief for a bit, being able to collect a shooting star would be a dream 💫✨ like “lightning in a bottle” kind of peg but it’s a shooting star hehe.

i guess fruits would be boring as collectibles because you can buy them at the market any time of the day. and plastic fruits are just not my thing. idk if i understood the assignment but this is my interpretation LOL
I think the plushie collectibles best resemble real life collectibles if that's what you mean 🤔 Ooh and the patches! Wish I could have all the TBT patches 😔
Oh if “makes sense to collect irl” is what we’re looking at, in that case I’d probably also go with plushies and patches. I also think trophies would make sense? I wouldn’t consider edible stuff as something to collect (I won’t go collect every type of apple there is because by the time I found them all, half would be rotten?).

The crystal set also makes sense to me, as that’s something I actually collected when I was a child. 😊
This question popped back into my head today, so I had to come back for it! I understand what you’re saying. From my inventory, I can see a real-life collection of:

- Chao Easter egg
- Moon Ball
- Zodiac dragon
- the whole set of train collectibles
- Ocean Pearl
- Snowflake wand
- All of the plushes, of course
- Star fragments (could be small and lit internally)
- crescent moon chairs (same here—I could see them lined up in a windowsill)
I feel like you could make irl collectibles of most things. Like imagine little light up star frags? Actual glow wands? Replica eggs? Arcade set figurines? I’d happily decorate my room with them lol. The only ones I can’t imagine is the animated collectibles (excluding the pinwheels), food items and some of the miscellaneous collectibles.