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Dec 12, 2005
Im getting AC:WW Christmas, so I came here and signed up early.
Let me introduce myself...
Name- Shadow_Link_92 (not my real name)
Location- Stephenville, Newfoundland
Hobbys- I like hockey cards that just came out at McDonalds...
Gaming(I am strictly Nintendo)
Working with graphics
Age- 13 and a half yesterday :D
Likes- Well, look at my hobbys, and this... :rofl: and holidays.
Dislikes- Spaming, dissing other peoples forums, and people who steal graphics!
and double posting for simple spelling mistakes.
Homepage- My sig. If there are any advertising problems PM me or something.
Favorite color- Navy Blue

Animal Crossing:WW Character name is going to be- Nick
Animal Crossing:WW town name is going to be- (No Idea)
Receiving Animal Crossing:WW on: December 25th
Previous Animal Crossing experience- None

I hope to eventually meet you all._________________________________________________Great first post, right? We were all noobs at one point. If you found this, congrats. Seeing as I hate drama, and sure as hell won't make a leaving TBT thread, here I am. Pretty weird editing your first post to fit in your leaving post, it's like I was never here. I'd want to thank everyone here for being awesome, except DSFan, Snoop, and sunate, obviously. Odd used to be okay, but with his face up Storm's ass lately, he doesn't have the time to be cool. I do hope
Hey there, welcome to The Bell Tree! I really hope you'll enjoy AC:WW when you get it, because it is seriously one of the best handheld games ever created. No joke.

So hope you read the rules, and really hope that you'll be active.

:rofl: Ill be hyper active! Thx for the warm welcome! [/quote]
Heh, good news.

:p And no problem.

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