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Bul is Cool


Senior Member
Jul 11, 2005
bul is cool


yes bul is the only admin that i really got to "Know"

i cant say Storm is cool cuz ive never gotten to kno him cuz he is only on AIM for like 3 secs a month

bast wont talk to me either and he deleted and blocked all my aim's so i DEFF cant say tat about him

but bul is the coolest admin i kno

he is like a understanding admin and isnt too strict but isnt too leanient

he has a perfect mixture in him

he was born to be a admin

History of Bul

10:00 am - Bul was born, and immidiatly became admin of the baby patrol

2 years later - bul was the admin of the world
.00001 seconds later - bul loses control of the world (but not wisconson, he still controls wisconson)

4 years later bul becomes a mod of alabama and kentucky, and global mod of canada

1 year after that bul is a sage at england and a mod at iran

Now - Bul is a admin of tbt

yay bul
Heh, heh, I'll destroy Iranian nuclear plans yet!

*steps on them*
*rips them*

: \
Nice things about bul yea so far bul is a good admin to me and helps out alot, and I like the coach Z animation in your sig PoD.
DarthGohan1 said:
no way, our cheese takes down your buffalo or whatever

o yeah right dont eaven go there
u guys prob dont have minnisota history
or if so it prob sucks

tx history would pwn urs (i took tx history last yr)

we were like part of mexico then mexico and us split from britian or w/r then we split from mexico then we joined the US then we succeded and joined the rebels
then we lost and joined back with the union


theres waay more but i tried to shorten it down
no, that was my reason why it couldn't be controlled...whatever, this is a stupoid thread now (deserves wishing well if you ask me).
thanks for moving it mino...anyways, i was just jokin around with you pie, nothin serious.