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Bell Town


Retired Staff
Dec 28, 2004
<big><big><big><big><big>Bell Town</big></big></big>

Hello, and welcome to Bell Town, the official Animal Crossing Role Playing thread of TBT.

The Story:
You were riding on a train, and ready to start a new life in a new town. Your train arrives in Bell Town. At the front of the station, you meet the mayor, and he welcomes you to Bell Town, and asks you where you want to live, and to meet the folks in Bell Town. Looks like you have a new life to start!

How To Begin
How does Bell Town work? Well, it's not too difficult to understand. First of all, you post here your name, residence (where you want to live), race (will be human unless specified), and your wanted occupation. This will be your profile information. When you move into Bell Town, you get a Bank Account and you automatically start out with 2,500 Gold Bells, or GBs. Also, you get a house, which will be in the specified acre. Everyone starts with the default house, the Bungalow.

Life In Bell Town
What do you do in Bell Town? Well, this is simple. You can do errands for animal villagers, do things around town, or manage your job. For example, if you are a shopkeeper, you can manage your job by announcing what items you have in stock on the current day.

Errands are a primary way of getting in Bell Town, and a way of life, since someone always needs something done. When you want an errand to do, PM me. All errands are done in PM form, because not only do they differ from person to person, but easier to manage. Every errand you do, you will be rewarded with Gold Bells. The amount you get will vary on the length of the errand.

Want a bigger house? How do you get one? To get a bigger house, you need to raise a certain amount of GBs. Once you have enough for the house you want, either post here or PM me with the house type you want, and I'll process your purchase, and get your house ready.

House Types
Bungalow (Start with)
Split Level (Costs 5,000 GB)
Ranch Style House (Costs 10,000 GB)
Terraced Home (Cost - 12,500 GB)
Colonial House (Manor) (Cost - 20,000 GB)
Mansion (Cost - 35,000 Bells)

Jobs In Bell Town
There are a wide variety of jobs in Bell Town. From Mayor to Gardener, there is always an occupation open to any villager. There are two groups of jobs: Single Occupations, and Multiple Occupations. Single occupations are jobs that only one person in Bell Town can hold. Multiple Occupations are jobs in Bell Town that more than one person can hold. The list of both Single and Multiple Occupations are listed below.

Single Occupations (Name By If Taken)
Mayor: Smart_Tech_Dragon_15
Storekeeper: Zeldafreak104
Postmaster: tomnook
Marina Master: Fish
Station Master: EMPTY
Secretary of Armed Forces: Justin125
Museum Curator: Link
Broadcast President: EMPTY
Cafe Keeper: EMPTY

Multiple Occupations
Store Clerk
Armed Forces Member
Train Station Attendant
Bug Catcher
TV Broadcaster
Radio Broadcaster

Native Bell Town Residents
Natives of Bell Town play a large part in Bell Town, since they make up the majority, and technically were here first. These natives are the animals that lived here before humans stepped foot on the shores of Bell Town. Animal villagers always have something for you to do. They are the ones that will need favors done.

Animal Villagers

Other Ways To Make Money
Other than doing errands, are there any other ways to make money? Well, yes there are. You can catch bugs and fish, which you can sell to our storekeeper, which will pay a price for them. Also, there is a "Treasure Spot" placed in Bell Town daily, which if found, gives you 5,000 GBs! If you want to find this spot, buy a shovel, and PM me saying that you're ready to look for it. I'll give you a set of clues, and when you solve them, you get the money! Also, there are rocks you can hit and trees to shake, but they give 100 GBs each, and you can only shake/hit 5 items a day, and no more. Any other ways are prohibited.

Welcome To Bell Town!
That's all for the explaining. If you're joining Bell Town, I say welcome, and have a fun time here at Bell Town, TBT's Official AC RP!
<big><big><big>Map Of Bell Town</big>

Use the map of Bell Town to decide where you want to live, where to find out where your work station is, and to see what the town of Bell Town looks like.

<big><big><big> A new map has been made. You may need to change where you live.</big>
Bell Town ID Records

Name: Smart Tech Dragon 15
Residence: Mayor's Mansion
Race: Smart Tech Dragon (Formerly Full Dragon)
House Type: Mansion (Special)
Occupation: Mayor
Current Balance: 130,000 GB

Name: Zeldafreak104
Residence: C-2
Race: Human
House Type: Bungalow
Occupation: Storekeeper
Current Balance: 5,000 GB

Name: Fish
Residence: D-3
Race: Fish
House Type: Bungalow
Occupation: Marina Master
Current Balance: 2,500 GB

Name: Soccerboy
Residence: E-7
Race: Human
House Type: Bungalow
Job: Armed Forces Member (Police)
Current Balance: 2,500 GB

Name: Justin125
Residence: E-6
Race: Human
House Type: Split-Level
Occupation: Secretary of Armed Forces
Current Balance: 11,300 GB

Name: tomnook
Residence: B-7
Race: Raccoon
House Type: Bungalow
Occupation: Postmaster
Current Balance: 17,000 GB

Name: Vudi
Residence: C-3
Race: Human
House Type: Bungalow
Occupation: Museum Curator
Current Balance: 2,500 GB

Name: Jegan
Residence: B-2
Race: Anthro (Monkey Human)
House Type: Bungalow
Occupation: Store Clerk
Current Balance: 2,500 GB

Name: PKMNMasterSamus
Residence: F-2
Race: Animal (Koala)
House Type: Bungalow
Occupation: Fisherman
Current Balance: 2,500 GB

Name: Monkey
Residence: E-6
Race: Animal (Monkey)
House Type: Bungalow
Occupation: Sailor
Current Balance: 2,500 GB

Name: Big
Residence: C-2
Race: Animal (Dog)
House Type: Bungalow
Occupation: None
Current Balance: 2,200 GB

Name: Wolfy
Residence: C-4
Race: Anthro (Werebeing, Human during day, wolf during night)
House Type: Bungalow
Occupation: Armed Forces Member (Army)
Current Balance: 2,500 GB

Name: Terry
Residence: A-3
Race: Mythic (Elf)
House Type: Bungalow
Occupation: Museum Curator
Current Balance: 2,500 GB

Name: Link Uzamaki
Residence: G-4
Race: Human? (Exactly unknown, other traces of unknown creature believed to be found during customs testing.)
House Type: Bungalow
Occupation: Armed Forces Member (Mercenary Corps)
Current Balance: 2,500 GB
<big><big><big>Currency Exchange Network</big>

Bell Town is founder and member of the CEN, the Currency Exchange Network on TBT. Here, you can find out the Currency Exchange rate of GB's to other RP's currency.


Town Mysteria
Currency: Mysteria Bells (MB)
Current Exchange Rate: 1 MB = 1 GB

If you want your RP to become a member, just PM me, and we can work out everything to join.
i'll join...

Name: Fish
Living place: D-3
Job: Marina Master

if there were Fisher's i'd do that...
E-6 please. And can I be Police Officierf?
soo... what does 2500gb mean? its something bells... anyway i need to buy stuff for my shop... does that cost money?
anyway i have to get to work * sends a letter to everyone that says "today at the shop we have a lovely fishing rod! only one in stock! so come to the shop today!"*