Baby Mario Galaxy


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Dec 26, 2008
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So earlier today I was thinking, wouldn't it be cool if Baby Mario could have his own adventures in space?

And this was born:

Baby Mario Galaxy
- Nintendo Wii

New Power Ups/Moves/Etc.:
- Super Shovel
- Aeroumbrella
- Power Cradle
- Penguin Suit (From NSMB Wii.)

- Eat enemies and make eggs. He can throw the eggs as well.
- Comes in a variety of different colors besides green.

New Features:
- Coming Soon ...

World 1: A Star is Born.
- Floating Factory Galaxy
- Flower Garden Galaxy
- Sandyside Galaxy
- Windy Wisp Galaxy
- Flip-Flop Galaxy
- Rockabye Galaxy
- Bowser Jr.'s Battle Base

World 2:
- Puzzle Piece Galaxy
- Cradlecrush Galaxy

I'm still working on it though.
Please, feel free to tell me what you think and throw in any ideas you might have as well.
Haha, now I can't get the image of baby Mario jumping around on different planets out of my head.

The lumas could probably carry him places, he is as big as them =S
SSgt. Garrett said:
It would be stupid for him to have is own game, but I like your ideas, he should be in the real SMG2 though.
Complete a final star that nobody knows about..... *thoughts*
I've got some new galaxies on my mind.

- Playground Galaxy
- Toy Box Galaxy

And I've got to update the list soon.
Khocol4te said:
Jesus christ, SMG2 just came out and you guy's are already plotting a new game to fantasize about?
Well excuse me for having an imagination and using it.