ミ☆ asteria island ☽+゚.

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Nov 7, 2021
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welcome to asteria, the island named after the greek goddess of dreams and stars!

i hope you enjoy this cozy island that looks just as beautiful at night as it does during the day ☆゚


located in the northen hemisphere, asteria is a blend of a natural and cottage aesthetic. the island is currently undergoing major changes and construction, most areas are still underdevelopment but i will try my best to document my progress as things come along!

current villagers: sparro, apple, maple, zucker, jitters, ruby, marina, raymond, marshal, ankha
nicknames: zucker ➔ takochan, jitters ➔ ji, marshal ➔ marshie

past villagers: mira, egbert, julia, drago, cookie, eugene, klaus, t-bone, teddy, merengue, bruce, static

dream villagers: sparro, apple, maple, zucker, jitters, ruby, marina, raymond, marshal, marty


quick links
kirako's house
villager lore
tako's house
apple's house
more to be added...​
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we celebrated marina's birthday​

update on my rock garden!​

gave tex a vacation home​

ankha visited!​


the stress that ankha gave me ;n;
so static isn't one of my permies, he's just my 10th villager and i can work him into the lore on my island but i'm not too attached to my 10th villagers. i'll eventually invite my last dreamie when my island is finally all complete, but in the meantime i'll switch them out with whoever i like that visits my campsite!

ankha kept playing games with me to win items (a do-rag, tee with silicone bib, electronics kit, and neon shades) and i kept losing the game when it was necessary! ( >д<) then when i did manage to get her to talk to resident services... she suggested sparro and marina to move out, smh
thankfully third times the charm because she then brought up static ✧٩(•́⌄•́๑) i'm excited to see how she'll interact with my other villagers now​
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i realize i don't have any pictures of my island at the start, but this is earlier enough 🙇🏻‍♀️
i had only just unlocked terraforming so i made some leaping patches and a natural bridge on the upper left​
this is a more recent screenshot of my island map, but there's still quite a lot of things to do!

for starters, i'm waiting for my rock garden to be completed then i'll move my house right in front of it. then i'll have to move my farm with the house.

i also want to get rid of the little floating island of hybrids and make a more proper flower field somewhere, maybe where the farm used to be since there's lots of space​



this is the floating island with some of my hybrids. i was inspired by this reddit post, but now i want to include my hybrids more around my island.

i'm still not sure which flower field design i'll do but that's a worry for later!


this is my farm! it's my recreation of this instagram post, but much smaller. i like having it right outside my house so i plan on moving it with me once the rock garden is done 🤗
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oops, i've been meaning to update this but my rock garden has been halted and i'm not sure why. 5/6 of my rocks would spawn, but i've been waiting for the last one to no avail ):

however in the meantime i've had my friends visit, to explore and trade items/recipes​


i didn't realize you could upgrade the restaurant! so i did that and remodeled it while i was at it

since my rocks still won't spawn, i've been making progress elsewhere! been working on my critterpedia and it's actually been really successful :0)​

golden stag.jpg

finally caught the golden stag! it was the last bug i needed so that completes the bug section of my museum​

also caught the gar today which means i only have 2 more fish left to catch. i'm just missing the giant snakehead and stringfish :c​

the rest of today will be spent trying to get the cast master achievement... my streak broke at 58 (most likely back in 2020) and i have not been able to get it that high ever since so it'll be a daunting feat _( :τ」∠)_​

i'm so sad </3

on a positive note, CJ is here so i'll be making lots of money as i attempt to accomplish tonight. i sold him plenty of sharks i've been keeping in my storage and that was a nice 300k :0)

in other frustrating news, i'm moving my rock garden closer to my museum so that it's right behind zucker's house. this time!!! i'll do it one rock at a time. i've been waiting for 2 rocks at the old spot so i'll just clear one spot in the new location and hope that it spawns tomorrow, keeping my fingers crossed for this plan (-ω-ゞ

finally an update about my rock garden!! i figured that actually completely covering my island with a custom design code really slows down the spawning of the rocks because the game needs at least some space for the weeds, fossils, and gyroids. i ended up clearing some space right beside some cliffs to ensure that rocks wouldn't be able to spawn there rather than where i wanted them to be.

unfortunately i don't like how similar the variants are so i'll have to break a few of them and hope for other variants of rocks


i decided to make this little wishing well area as a way to use up my purple hyacinths since i just have a bunch unused on my island right now

i'm still deciding if this is where i really want it, but this wheat field is in front of the museum and behind takochan and marina's house. i plan on extending the dirt path to include a farm for them since i envision them to be farmers and cultivate their own produce (especially for their seafood restaurant)

my plans for tomorrow:
  • i planted some shrubs today around the rock garden so i have to wait for them to grow, decide if the placement is good​
  • order more wheat field to fill the back row, right at the entrance of the museum​
  • try to decide on more items/ways to decorate the rock garden (it has to stay functional)​
  • possibly time to move the house down so that i can work on the upper level​

kirako's house

in order to learn a little bit more about island rep kirako, let's go visit her and get a house tour!


this is the main entrance of the house; a room that has it all from entertainment, to activities, to dining. they say you can get to know someone based on how they decorate their house and the same can be said about kirako :>​

this is the main big table where kirako gets work done and eat quick meals.

right beside the table is a fireplace that comes in handy during the colder seasons.


this is her small diy bench for quick and easy access, she can just run in and quickly build some things before running out again.

you should never work on an empty stomach so having a serving cart makes things easier to place drinks and snacks on.

you also can't work without music so having it nearby is essential.


kirako also makes her own clothes! after getting to know the able sisters, sable, mable, and label, she began to learn how to mend clothes and before long she was making her own garments! when she feels confident with her designs, she'll run over to the shop and donate them.


the first room to your left would be the bathroom ♡ you can fix your hair, change your clothes, do your laundry, and take a relaxing shower or bath.​


here you can do your laundry, having the option to use the deluxe washer and dryer or going the old fashion way with the washtub. you can always hang your clothes to dry and if needed, there's an iron available!

when taking a bath or shower, you don't want to be alone with your thoughts so there's always music playing.

you're free to use the heater and humidifier provided, they're there just in case you want them.

next up is the room in the back... the heart of the home, the cozy kitchen 🧡

i originally had built this kitchen out with the ironwood series before falling in love with the ranch and turkey day event items. i didn't want to completely get rid of the ironwood items so this is a happy blend of all three series together, and i'm quite happy with it!


i'm quite certain this was the first time i really attempted a "gallery wall" in the game, trying to play with height and sizing though i didn't branch out that far in terms of size haha. i never like having wall art or paintings all the same height because it looks unnatural to me but the camera angle only shows so much in frame.


just like any good host, there's an abundance of food ready to be served for any guest who may drop on by. kirako is definitely more of a baker than a cook but that's not to say she can't do both!


the next room is the one on the right side of the house, it's her at home library / home office! this is where she would write her letters to her friends, spending hours trying to find the perfect sticker sheet and make the perfect wax seal... she is quite the perfectionist.
there are cushions on the floor for a comfy reading spot or there's a desk in case you want to lay the book down.
the desk is where all the her letters are drafted, written, and sealed up before she delivers them to orville to be sent off~


now let's head on up upstairs to see the master bedroom... well... the only bedroom in this house​

what? are you saying you don't have snacks in your bedroom? they're obviously emergency snacks... for when you're super uber hungry at night and don't want to go all the way downstairs for something to quickly fill you up!


and what's a bedroom without something to keep your entertained? that's what the tv and bookshelf is for ♡

and finally the last room in the house is the basement! it's where kirako does her bigger projects, a place to really get messy. she also gardens and house certain critters, sometimes they're rare finds while other times they're injured critters that she saves and takes care of until flick visits.



if you can't find kirako out on the island then she's most likely caught up on a project in her basement.
this is where she'll spend hours tending to flowers, crafting her next big project, or trying to save a little critter until she can get it to flick's safe hands~

and those are all of the rooms! i do hope you enjoyed the house tour and got to learn a little bit more about kirako ꒰´꒳`꒱♡॰ॱ

villagers lore

let's learn about the villagers residing on the island, shall we? we'll go through their individual personalities and backgrounds, relationships to kirako, and relationships to one another!

starting the list off with one of my starters! he's been here since launch and at this point, he's simply never leaving ৻( •̀ ᗜ •́ ৻)

even though he is a jock, after interacting with him, you'll soon see that he likes to bring up music and food in conversations! so he comes across as someone who enjoys working out in order to keep a healthy lifestyle, but isn't a complete "gym bro" per se. if he isn't at home cooking or working out, then he's outside on a walk, catching bugs, or... working out.

he's really good friends with kirako since they came to asteria at the same time and really got to see the island flourish! sparro's really friendly so he's friends with everyone else on the island, constantly having people over or going over to their place. while the relationship has never been confirmed by either, sparro and ji can be spotted together all the time (if you pay close attention, sometimes they're even matching their outfits that day). when you get the chance to visit them, you may notice something on their walls heh

now onto the superstar on the island!

she's a peppy and you can definitely tell with how lively she is (੭ु˙꒳˙)੭ु she's chatty and always full of energy, either running around the plaza or at home practicing her dance routines. apple's one of the night owls on the island, always staying up watching her tv shows or reruns of concerts smh

she's super friendly so she has lots of friends but her best friend would be ruby, whom she confides in when coming up with new choreos or plans on how to debut and make it big as an idol (who knows, maybe they'll debut as a duo hehe).

next is the president of the book club!

she's a cute little cub that's usually found at home, you'll likely catch her by surprise as she was too busy engrossed in a book to notice the outside world. she gets up early in the day and does like to step outside for a little breather to tend to her strawberry garden before heading back indoors.

maple tends to stay within her house and spends time with apple and ruby the most. she likes to host book club meetings with kirako and marina where they discuss the latest book they're reading together.

or as i like to call him, takochan ૮ ˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶ ა

despite him being a lazy, you'll always catch him by the beach or in the kitchen cooking up something. when you strike a conversation with him, he'll either be talking about some dream or a yummy meal he's had!

he lives by the beach with his wife marina and they have a restaurant that the both of them run there. takochan's responsible for waking up early and going out to catch fresh fish, but don't think that he's not also helping out in the kitchen.

or shortened to ji :>

he's a jock to a fault this one... between ji and sparro, he's definitely the gym bro here. constantly talking about working out, seen working out, trying to convince others to work out, gifting kirako workout gear... he lives and breathes it!

i like to believe that sparro met ji at the gym and was motivated after seeing just how passionate ji was about working out and staying fit while ji was more than happy to help someone out with their routine. first they were simply workout buddies, then hung out even outside of the gym before forming a very strong friendship (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

now onto the astrologist!

you may not believe she's a peppy but she definitely comes to life when she gets comfortable enough with you. she'll burst into energy when it comes to music and anything related to space.

she especially loves it when celeste visits because then she has another star expert to chat to! she loves admiring the stars with kirako late at night, but it's a different kind of joy being able to gush about something without having to explain things (•ᴗ•,, )

time for the wife!

this octopus really loves tending to the restaurant, nearby flowers, and her books. she's usually cooped up inside her house either recipe testing or simply winding down when there's slow business.

when she was younger, she was in a relationship with octavian but thankfully that's in the past and she was able to move on from it (can't say the same for him but this isn't about him now is it?) and she's really glad she was introduced to takochan. she's really happy now, especially after moving onto asteria and creating this little life with her husband ♡

now for the cat ᓚ₍ ^. .^₎

he loves staying indoors where he can stay by his sewing machine, he's been tremendously happy ever since the able sisters opened up a shop on the island because he's been able to see other villagers wear the pieces he donated! he likes bouncing pattern designs ideas with kirako and the sisters. unfortunately his tendencies to critique pieces has gotten him into trouble but that's okay because kirako's there to help resolve it~

for someone so smart, kirako never caught onto his flirtatious toned letters until she showed them to her friends eris and aspen... thankfully after they pointed it out and she confronted him about it, they were able to start a relationship! they spend a lot of time at each other's places and he tends to gift her a lot whenever he thinks of her.

onto the coffee lover

marshie tends to prefer the coffee he makes at home with his espresso machine but he can't deny that brewster makes a really nice cup of coffee so he frequents the roost often with kirako. he tends to seemingly be everywhere, whether because he likes taking really long walks or because he's trying to gather gossip, no one really knows!

there may be a throuple upon us because his friendship with both raymond and kirako are really strong...the possibility is out there. he's friends with the other villagers... well everyone besides one person...

while only being a placeholder, she's definitely left a mark

she loves the tranquility that yoga and meditation brings her and she has this sort of calmness to her. despite that, she has a strong personality that sometimes clashes with others (simply look at how many times kirako has had to deliver an apology gift on behalf of raymond and marshie).

she's gotten close to the other girlies on the island but there's still some tension between her and the two smugs, hopefully their feud ends but i wouldn't be surprised if it never fully goes away.

takochan's house

you can find cute takochan residing on the beach, close to the port, as it's a prime fishing spot on asteria but when the fish don't bite he'll hop on a boat ride with kapp'n since the seas are vast and there's never a shortage of islands out there for him to hunt.


most of his day is spent fishing or recipe testing in his kitchen for the restaurant. of course the one who taste tests all his recipes is his wonderful wife, marina!

they spend their mornings and evenings together, so the inside of his home has a sprinkle of her around the place.

both of their homes are more of the japanese-zen style, but takochan has a green and brown interior that makes it that much cozier ♡

he always has snacks laying around his house because, well, he's always hungry!


apple's house


if you're looking for apple, you can easily spot her in one of few places: having zoomies at the plaza, creating new choreographies with ruby, at a friend's place, or at home.


you may have spotted it when you visit her, but apple is indeed a streamer! how else will she amass her following without becoming a streamer and showing off her singing, dancing, and other talents?


if you're ever stopping by, apple will be such a gracious host - she'll always have fresh snacks and drinks ready (*´▽`*)❀
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