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Animal Crossing DS

Great thread, Storm, and I found an E3 AC DS movie, and another Japanese one. It had the hatless AC in it. You could move the characters with the stylus, and I saw two characters sleeping in the same room.
Great thread, Storm, and I found an E3 AC DS movie, and another Japanese one. It had the hatless AC in it. You could move the characters with the stylus, and I saw two characters sleeping in the same room.
cool. I can't wait for AC DS. Its seem's like its going to be a great game. better than the 1 on GC.
ZERO_13 said:
Great thread, Storm, and I found an E3 AC DS movie, and another Japanese one. It had the hatless AC in it. You could move the characters with the stylus, and I saw two characters sleeping in the same room.
cool. I can't wait for AC DS. Its seem's like its going to be a great game. better than the 1 on GC.
<span style="color:blue"><span style="color:blue">
Of course!</span>
ZERO_13 said:
um storm... could I know where you got all this info from?
ZERO, I think that I can answer that. Just do a search for Animal Crossing DS on Google, and you'll get all the information that you need on AC DS.
Well I could have done that, but I looked at goos gaming sites like EB, GameStop, IGN, ect.
D'OOOOOOOOH!!! Sometimes, I'm just an idiot. I meant to post it on this thread. If possible, I'd like this post moved there. If it's not possible, then I'll repost it at the linked-to thread, and the post can be deleted from this thread.

Here's one of my best ideas:

ONCs (Online Network Cities)

There should be online cities. Though you can have your own village, where you always start when you play, there should also be areas where you can go and meet people in a certain part of the USA. These are what I call ONCs. They are on a server that is in the area (in real life) represented by that ONC. For example, the server for the ONC named Nevada is in Nevada, in a "sub-main" server which is somewhere in Nevada.

The layout of the city is very basic. Each is made out of acres, just like your village. However, there are no appartments or houses. It's a business city. In the center 3 acre by 3 acre area of the city, there are the following buildings:

Shopkeepers for hire
Real estate co.
Buliding materials
City-owned supershop
Post office
Chat central
Contest HQ

All other acres have a 10 space by 10 space area for rent, with a sidewalk one space wide around that, and a road two spaces wide around that. The acres with the buildings are that same way, just replace the 10 x 10 area with the building. The train station is at the acre on the top row and in the center column. The entrance is at the top of the acre. There is still a 10 x 10 area in the acre.

There are three sizes of ONCs:

Regional: There are five of these in each state. They are 9 by 9 acres big.
State: There are fifty of these, one for each state. They are 17 by 17 acres big.
Nation: There is only one Nation ONC. It represents the entire This is one huge city, and it is the only one where you can buy a set of wheels. It is a staggering 77 by 77 acres big.

Getting to an ONC is simple: just hop on the next train that arrives at your town's train station. You'll be able to go to any one of the 301 ONCs. You can even go from one ONC to another without making a trip back to your vilage in between. And you can even go to any of the 301 ONCs at any time.

Now, it's time to get to the best part: what you can do. First, I'll tell you what you can do at each of the buildings:


Here, you can rent one of three things: a bycicle, a motorcycle, and a car. You can only rent one at a time, though. Just like in real life, it costs money to rent stuff. Here are the prices:
Bike: 500 bells
Motorbike: 1500 bells
Car: 5000 bells
Once you rent one, there is no limit to the amount of time you have with it.

You might be asking, why would I rent any of those? The answer is that, since the ONCs are big, it would take forever walking everywhere. On a bike, you can go twice running speed. On a motorbike, you can go three times running speed. In a car, you can go six times running speed. Also, none of them can run others over, only push them away, just like an you can an animal in the AC for the GCN.

Not only do they get you around faster, but you can use them to run a taxi cab service. Just stop next to them, and they can request to get on. If you accept, you can give them a ride. You can even chat with them, and even give things to each other and trade stuff! Bikes and motorbikes can only carry one passanger and one driver, but a car can take three passangers and a driver. Also, passangers can jump off at any time, wheather or not the bike, etc. is stopped, just in case the driver is evil and won't ever stop.

Shopkeepers for hire

You can hire shopkeepers here. Shopkeepers are explained later.

Real estate co.

Here is where you buy land. You can only buy land in two different acres. You can also only buy land in the ONCs that represent the area you live in. That means you can buy land in Texas's ONC if you live there, but not in New York's. What's the point of going to others then? To visit other people's buildings. The land available is any land not yet purchased, and in the 10 x 10 area in each acre. Acres with buildings have no land available on them. Each square of land costs 200 bells, and is a 2 x 2 area on the inside. So, if you decide to but a building that is the entire 10 x 10, you can have a building that is 20 x 20 big. More on buildings later.


Here, you pay your bills and take out loans.

Bills you pay include Shopkeeper wages, loan repayments, and stuff billed to you by others. If you don't pay your bills within a month, then the repo guy comes to your house. But then the bank pays those bills.

Loans can be taken out in increments of 10000 bells, and you can take out a maximum 250000 bells. You're billed with a payment of 120% of what you took out. So, if you took out 50000 bells, you must pay back 60000 bells. However, the payments on the bills only require a third of your payment per month. So, you have to pay it back in three months, but you have to pay off at least a third of it each month.

Buliding materials

You can find materials to build buildings on land you own here. More on buying and building later.

City-owned supershop

Imagine Nookington's. Now imagine it 5, (regional ONCs) 15, (state ONCs) or even 100 (national ONC) times bigger. That's what this is.

Post office

This is for sending letters to other people. To be able to recieve letters, you must have a PO box. You can get one for free at your regional post office. The PO box numbers act as addresses. Also, you PO box acts as your ID; you can't do certain things without one.

Chat central

Imagine an NSider chat room. Now imagine it open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There's a bunch of those in here. You can even rent a room that only you and certain other people can go in.

Contest HQ

A contest is held every week here by NOA staff. It is the same one everywhere, but only people who register for it in the same ONC you do are your opponents. Once you register for a contest, you can't register for it anywhere else. You can only register for it in your regional ONC, your state ONC, or the national ONC.

Contests in regional ONCs have no entry fee, but small prizes, like 1000 bells. Contests in state ONCs have a small entry fee, like 500 bells, but fairly large prizes, like 25000 bells. Contests in the regional ONC have a medium sized entry fee, like 5000 bells, but huge prizes, like a million bells. The reason is because the national ONC will have far more visitors than state ONCs, which will have more visitors than regional ONCs.

Enough about those buildings. Let's talk about the city's juice: YOUR buildings.

There are a few different types of buildings you can build:


Imagine Nook's. That's what this is.

Pattern exchange

This is similar to the Tailor. You can put your patterns up, and allow others to copy them. You can even charge money for them.

Taxi service stop

Remember that taxi service I talked about earlier? You can make it easier with this. You can also put up a sign telling how much the fare is, and other things.

Meeting area

You can have others gather here to chat with each other, and trade items and such.

Before you start building and buying land, you might want to take out a calculator and see just how much all of it is going to cost. Remember, build is VERY expensive, and it's a good idea to calculate how much you'll need so you don't take too much of a loan and end up with an empty house.

Right now, I'm going to calculate how much a 5x5 building will cost with the least expensive of everything to demonstrate how expensive it is:
Land: 200 bells x 5 x 5 = 5000 bells
Walls: 5000 bells x ((5 x 2) + (5 x 2)) = 40000 bells
Tiling: 300 bells x 5 x 5 = 7500 bells
Total: 52500 bells

Now that we've got the matter of the cost down, we've got to get to how to build the building. You do this at the Building Materials. You do the following, step by step:

Step 1: Choose location and size: Pick where to build your building, and how big. Remember that you must own the land to build on it.

Step 2: Choose building type

Step 3: Name your building: How'd ya' think people knew toys were sold at Toys R Us?

Step 4: Select wall and tile texture: At this step, you pick what your walls and tiles look like. There are various textures that you can add on the outside your walls for anywhere between 100 and 5000 bells per wall segment, and vaious textures for tiles that cost between 100 and 2000 bells per 2x2 tile area. (on the inside) You can leave them untextured and pay minimum, but the fancier, the more people.

Step 5: Add more floors (optional): Depending on how big your building is, you may be able to add a second, third, fourth, or even fifth floor. If you decide to add more, you must pay 1000 bells for the stairs per extra floor plus cost for each extra floor (calculated the same as a first floor) plus 300 bells per 2x2 tile area on the second floor, 600 bells per 2x2 tile area on the third floor, 900 per area on the fourth, and 1200 per area on the fifth. Each extra floor's size is limited to that of the floor below it. If you decide to add extra floors, repeat step 4 for each floor.

Step 6: Confirm and pay: Review everything, and change what you want. When you're positive you have everything the way you want it, submit it. Builders will go out and work on your building. It will be ready in 24 hours.

Now, there is only one more thing to talk about: shopkeepers. You can hire a shopkeeper (it is a CPU generated animal, not a real human) for 100 bells an hour at Shopkeeper for Hire, and he will take care of your shop or design exchange for you. You must tell him prices, and when to open and close the shop before he will work. If your building is open and nobody is there to watch the shop, people will be able to waltz right in and steal everything. Shopkeepers will leave all the money recieved from sales in a safe in the corner, and only the person who had the building built can touch it.

You can act as a shopkeeper in your own building. If you're there, people cannot steal stuff. They'll have to pay you.

Well, that's pretty much it. I'll accept and answer any questions. What do you think?
Very good post and very good idea, PKMNRULES!
If you think that now, then I can't even imagine how good you're gonna think it is once I finish. Which I'm going to start doing now.