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Aug 4, 2022
Hi all! I've been an Animal Crossing fan since roughly 2008-2009, and online and posting art since 2011-2012. I thought I'd share some of my Animal Crossing art throughout the timeline with you guys, mostly just for nostalgia sake, as well as some of my more recent stuff 💚 This thread might also help inspire some other aspiring or established artists to show that every artist started somewhere making silly (or cringe) doodles of the things they liked. Let me know if you guys enjoyed this and want more, maybe from other gaming series.



Deep from my deviantArt archives, these were posted June 10th and August 19th of 2013. The first one is a villager OC I had made, with a bio that reads:
- Amelia
- 15
- Worked on a farm whens he was young, with her dog brother Daniel and her mother Kitty and father David. She moved to a new town because they lost the farm,
Not sure why I gave her such a tragic backstory, but I was also 12 so that's probably why. Also, a trend I noticed going back through my archives is that I really liked making bald purple cat OCs, because I reused this design with my Toontown player character AND a Sonic OC too.
The other piece isn't too interesting, my player character did look like this in 2013. Looking back 11 years later, I still like the cute lineless approach I took, but not sure why I decided to line her pupils black?

Photo evidence that my villager did in fact look like this, except for the eyes (I hadn't unlock that yet)

(Picture date: 13 August 2013)



Deep from the deviantArt archives one again, here are three more. The dates for these ones are: 14/02/2014, 03/06/2014, and 06/09/2014.
The first one I thought was still kinda cute until I looked a little closer. BTW, this character is one of those previous bald purple cat OCs talked about previously - except now she has hair! And is also being recycled into an ACNL character. Obviously, this design suuuucks for an AC character, but I was deep into my comorbid 'post-toontown closure' and 'peak animal crossing new leaf gameplay time' AND 'blossoming weaboo' era, so I had to combine my two interests somehow. The other two pieces aren't as interesting, the second one being my ACCF player character (ie. the default one with sparkly eyes), and the third one being a drawing of me and an online friend (who I sadly don't talk to much anymore) playing ACNL together, accompanied by a real screenshot of us playing. During this time I was about 13? Also, I think I stole one of her blue roses from her town, so sorry Kat if you're reading this.
Here's the real screenshot too:

(Picture date: 27/03/2014)


There is literally nothing ACNL related posted by me from this era. To be fair, Splatoon did take over my life a fair bit during these years, so most of my doodles and sketches are of my Splatoon OCs. From memory, I think I had some drawings here and there in my sketchbooks, but I don't have access to any of those at the moment. Maybe when I do I'll update this thread to include them! During this time I hardly played Animal Crossing though, I think even on my 3DS I logged zero hours for the entirety of 2016.


2020 was THE year for Animal Crossing art from me, probably for super obvious reasons.

Both dated 28/03/2020, these are images of my old villager sona Phrankie! I still really love this design and art ngl, but I feel like this just isn't 'me' anymore


03/04/2020, I drew this very inspired/stylised Chrisy humanisation, I think I was trying to go for more of a creepy-cute vibe.
In November, I drew a whole bunch of humanisations/gijinkas for my New Horizons villagers.

Bonus points if you can guess who they are! (Don't read my signature...............)


Nothing again! I started University in 2021, so a lot of my free time has been stretched thin.


Back on it again! I made a 3D animation using ripped assets from The Models Resource and re-textured them to be villager sonas for me and my boyfriend! This was technically made to be a ~learning experience~ before I started my third year of uni (which had a class all about 3D animation) so I wanted to practice a bit and flex my creative muscles before that. I'm having trouble uploading the video, but here's a screencap from the clip! If you want to see it, you can see the post here.


Towards the end of the year, I made a very self-indulgent Secret Santa gift for someone on Discord, combining Persona 2 and Animal Crossing Wild World. This is one of my favourite pieces ever!
OLDSONA lux.png


So far, nothing! I've been super busy with my dissertation projects that I've had barely any time to give to non-uni art </3 But later in the year I should have some free time to spare.

If you enjoyed this thread and are interested in my or my work, you can find my links below! Thanks for reading, and I'd love to see everyone's old ACNL art too.

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