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  • ahhh omg wait i realized it's my fault! my 3Ds code was wrong !!
    please add this: 1693 - 1979 - 7249
    I'm so sorry i'm so dumb haha
    Wow cool! I'm pretty sure no one else has moved in or out of my town. I did a villager lock before taking a break so if she does move hopefully I'll be there to get her! I do have an induction later today though so hopefully I catch your message T-T
    Hmm yeah. It'll be good to lurk. I'm already lurking her on another thread but she hasn't moved ;_; I need her so bad... and I just KNOW if I snag Willow some one will have Eunice moving away... and I'll have no space T-T
    yo Joe can i come visit your town? i have an initiative for riding the rails :D
    oh ok, well i have a skype user but it's been awhile since i used it, so my username is my full name haha, well.
    my username is oskarathomsen
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