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  • Oh no so soon! Thanks for telling me x) I better get on it. Only thing is I get stuck as soon as a Mewtwo pops up, I can’t beat it because I keep getting noob teammates hahah
    Ahh I keep forgetting to farm raids, I wonder how long the starter ones are going to be around? I want a Squirtle den but all I’ve found so far is Charmander :/ which is not that exciting because you get him in the main story. Lol.
    Ok! I do have a Farfetch’d from surprise trade so I’ll breed one for u
    oh you are offering me a seedot? x) I have Shield but I think I might have a Farfetch'd in my storage somewhere from trades.
    Yes I bought it from one of the shops on the marketplace :p And I like that swords dance set for Shiftry, mainly because I’m a big fan of sucker punch hahah
    Yea I have a JPN ditto, was just having incredibly horrible luck with that one for some reason. All my other shiny hunts this gen have been pretty quick n easy. :p
    Thanks for the snowball too! :) I wasn’t sure what u would like, hopefully the Morpeko is ok lol I only saved the 6 IV ones from when I was breeding for a shiny
    Oh nice!! Shiftry is cool, I like it. That’s too bad he lost some moves tho, I hate when they do that. ;/ Apparently Slurpuff doesn’t get Belly Drum in this gen anymore which is annoying. Sorry I totally forgot about trading u for the level ball Phantump. :p
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