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  • damn, if only the Avengers had G.I.Joe on their side when they faced Thanos.

    why, Marvel Studios, why?!?
    I saw you came off, so I had to do the weeding myself, and leif gave me the stool, its not hacked or anything :) you can have it~
    hiya, you wanted to pick weeds for lief? Can't remember if you still needed to but lief is at my town, let me know if you can come over. You wanted items right?
    hello! sorry to keep you waiting, but i'm available right now to come over. (i have you added)
    would you like anything in return for your efforts?
    also yea idk if you saw my post there but ya basically shiny weather trio and some more but those are my #1 prio for now
    I needed to spend more at t&t and bought like 15 fancy frames. I didn't get my rv stuff cause my mail box must be been full. ��
    Hi! You can come to my town to get your sigs for free. My gate is open. Thanks!
    Cool, people love that stuff, you could open a catalog thread if you wanted.
    I've never understood why it's called a 'narrow' clock, maybe it was supposed to be something like sharp clock, but it was changed.
    I'll be on and off all day, so now or in about 3 hours, I think.
    (I'm working, so I'll try to catch you when I can.)
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