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  • It's so cute how close you are with your friends on here. I hope your friendship remains strong!
    Sorry that I'm not very active! I'm back at college and constantly having work thrown at me </3
    If you want to talk, its best to add me on Skype - AdorkableLlama. ^ ^
    I'm trying to make a signature with your beautiful art! Gotta make sure I do it justice or at least don't feck it up. :) Hope your day's going well, madame.
    You're just that pro, madame. I love it. Now to decide- siggy? Or avatar? I'll deal with that after lunch. If you're off to sleep now, sweet dreams. :)
    I just woke up from an awesome nap to this great news? *dances* Lemme look *views chibi Hirisa, dies of happiness, auto-revives, dies again of cuteness* I love it, love it, love it. Thank you so much! :D
    *soothes* Yeah, it can be totally draining - social energy expenditure needs to be replenished with lots of alone time, at least that's how it works for me. Anyway, so happy you accepted my request- hanging out with you and watching you work has been a highlight of my day. ^^
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