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  • Oh, me too! There was some weird hack going on I think or probably someone distributing a lot of Jirachis but with extremely offensive names... and they were being traded by passersby or through GTS. Very annoying to see ><
    Ah! Yeah that one is nice!
    Haha, yeah I think I'd rather wait for more info on it before purchasing, too. I usually like to watch gameplay videos of games I'm interested in so that would be a good idea if you aren't sure!
    Oh nice! I got a Hoopa and shinies, but I want to collect more... OTL
    I really love the blue and pink shinies so I made a list of ones I like/don't have yet... but yeah.
    Oh, I'm not sure if you can do that in ACHHD, but that'd be pretty cool!
    Haha, I've gotten a shiny Nidoking from Wonder trade before... xP Nothing else worth mentioning I think!
    Hi! I've begun the lineart for your mayor and was wondering if you wanted that same outfit? Or if you wanted a random one since you did not specify which outfit you wanted O:
    Oh cool! I'm still buying some Pokemon, hehe ;;
    Ah, It just doesn't seem too interesting to me, haha...
    Yeah, I love the shiny Rapidash too! Ah, there's not much of a difference with Garchomp...
    I don't like shiny Pokemon that aren't very different to their original forms... OTL
    HB is 100, person that offered 150 has pulled out so you can make whatever offer over 100 on my thread. c: (not allowed to accept offers from pm/vm) QQ
    Yeah that one is a nice shiny!
    Ah, I'm still looking for shinies for my collection, heh.. OTL
    I don't plan on getting ACHHD xD
    Haha don't worry! And yes, Shiny Ponyta is one of my favorites *-*
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