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  • Well :D
    Uum are that only orderable items or items from the zen set?
    If I would get them for free I'd take them. But if they are orderable and I've got them then I won't take them :3
    Meh, I just heard that it's bad.
    Though I do hear good things about it as well.
    It does look nice for any other 80's animated movie at the time.
    Might give it a shot if I can find it on DVD somewhere.
    Hope to see you around for a while,you already seem like you've been here for a long time!^-^
    Hope to see you around for a while,you already seem like you've been here for a long time!^-^
    awww yay :) so glad you like it, and actually i need to head to bed now! i'll send you the first draft with everything together tomorrow morning, and then we can trade too ^^
    Ah I watched all those movies and enjoyed them well, except for Planes. Tangle was way better than any other disney movie I watched also
    Ok will do.. Ahem.
    Overall many have said Frozen is a charming expernice due to how "original" it is. I really didnt see any point of it at ALL. The story is stale, same love junk that Disney movies through at our faces, and when I had to endure the whole thing? I was disgusted by how un-original it was. Like said before the love story was just horrible due to how stale and pointless it felt. Not only this but Disney constantly uses females with some short of magical power thats where Elsa comes in. Not only that but each character is based on a type of sterotype. Overall, I found Frozen boring and un-original. It is the single most hated movie Ive ever had the displeasure to watch.

    Hope this makes it clear.
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