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Tried to make a form but of course my stupid phone had to erase everything I wrote. Imma just give you a description and her feral ref.

She is very pale with pink undertones. She is always cold so her cheeks are rosy. Her face is round. Her hair is black and curly. She wears a lacy black choker along with a black off the shoulder crop top and white leggings. Her feral version has ice spikes going down her back, instead, her human version has a smallish tiara using the same spikes. She is also blind.

Here is her feral ref. Give me a minute to find outfit/hair refs

Hair/Outfit refs
Hairstyle (but black)
ok, sounds good! im on the final streach here, so I'll be available to trade next week! hopefully thats ok ;v;
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You have Talent. What are you looking for anymore?
;w; hhhhh thanks so much! not currently, I'm good on everything for now!

(i should probably update the op now)