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When happends when another cames in the game?


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Dec 6, 2005
I have yet to get another person in my town or go to another town. I put in all the friend ID's listing on the board in. I can open the gate for a long time. If some one comes in will it make a sound or somthing? I guess if you talk to Booker he will tell you in "What's new?" if any one came.

Animal Crossing would be so good on line. I got it for both the SNES and gamecube. When I palyed it I was all ways thinking how good it would be if 2 could play at one time or on line. Now that Animal Crossing Wile World is out I have not seen any others yet.

It looks like Nintend don't like you to post your friend code on the Internet for all to see. I starting to think if they see you posted your friend code here they will put it in a data base so you can't connect to each other. But I only had this now for 2 days.

-Raymond Day
Kloud came in my game and got some fruits. I have Apple's he had Peach's I think when I went there. We started to play tag. But then it disconnected some how and it reset. I went to open the doors and it reset on me Well said something like connection lost. I think from Nintendo maybe. But I am back on now with my gate open.

-Raymond Day
There's actually no Animal Crossing for the SNES.


And no, that's not true at all. It's just your router.
Your right. I got the SNES mixed up with the N64. That's what I played it on. It was very good on there. I hope as good as this Wild World on on the DS.

I can be on MarioKart DS no disconnects. Well yes the other end went they don't win. I don't think it was my end here any way. I have comcast cable and it's connected about 99% of the time.

-Raymond Day