What do you want to see at The Bell Tree?

Well at the main website there are a few guides, but some are sill being worked on.

To go to the website... click that link under the Bell Tree Section.
(edit: its under The Bell Tree Section, not the AC section like I said before)

And if you have any questions for AC, you can direct them at The Animal Crossing Ask Center.
I think an online contest or something would be fun, but thats only me!

Yup, we'll have some of those. The Animal Crossing Ask Center also has one at the end of each month.
Well in the future there will be The Bell Tree Sig Shop, it could have a different name, but it will basically be like Fan Art.
BASTOISE99 said:
Maybe if you get enough people who want it you could have a pokemon board and a mario board.
Well if more people come that are just here for Nintendo. You don't have to be a a really big AC fan to be here... as long as you like Nintendo because there are other boards. So tell all your friends.
A live chat and contests. Not only AC contests, but Super Mario 64 DS minigame high score contests... things like that.