Thoughts on Hans?

I'm not a fan of the gorillas at all, but I do think Hans looks better than most of the Gorillas with his Yeti design and is polite and has a good taste in fashion
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I may be biased because he used to be in my New Leaf town, but personally I really like him. Kyle will forever be my favourite smug villager but Hans comes pretty close.
I really like the gorillas overall, I just find their designs a bit lacking. Similarly, I do like Hans as well, although he's not my favourite gorilla.
I agree that his design is good. I haven’t had him in any of my games, but I wouldn’t mind having him as a villager.
His design is a really interesting take on the gorilla villagers and is one of the more unique ones IMO
I'm not a huge gorilla fan to be honest, but I still think his design is super neat and creative
I don’t really like the gorillas, however I don’t dislike his design. I think if I wanted to have a gorilla On my island, Hans would be it.
I don’t really like him. It’s mostly due to how he looks. The gorilla I really hate is Al. The others I have no real opinions for them except Rilla mostly because I love Hello Kitty and I think she is designed nicely and very well proportioned and is cute looking which seems to be a problem the games tend to have with the other gorillas.
Not a huge fan because I only like villagers that are kind of cute and tiny, like Hazel, or big fluffy ones like Teddy. he just doesn't speak to me but I feel like there's worse gorillas out there.
I don't really like any of the gorilla villagers, but I can appreciate Hans' design. He seems pretty... cool to me!
I'm not a fan of him, or any of the other gorilla villagers.

I do like the fact that he is designed to be a yeti, and that's not really saying much.
im a Hans fan by proxy, he's one of my best friend's favorite villagers so I ended up liking him too. Never had him in any of my towns but i've seen him through my friend's. Hans is cool and I think ive made a stricker of him :)
I'm not a huge fan of the gorillas, but I'd say that Hans is definitely my favorite among them. I like the fact that he's a yeti, and I like smug villagers
I've never had Hans before, I do like him though. I'm not crazy about the gorillas, but I do think Peewee, Boone, Hans, and Louie are cuties. Boyd is also pretty cute.

I can't really say I dislike a villager species until I've had one, and I genuinely have no problem with the gorillas. If I were to have a gorilla I would pick smug Boi Hans. He'd fit right in with my other smug babies.
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I had him in NL. My second smug in game and I enjoyed his presence in the island. At the time Hans was hated because Frozen had come out and people just associated the name of the villain of that movie with him. Every Hans is evil! Doesn't make any sense but people be people. Since I love all things underrated and character that get hate for no reason I was actually very happy I got him. I kinda imagine he came running to my island to find a place away from all that drama. I don't know if you were around when the Hans hate was a thing but it was brutal (hopefully you weren't) but I am glad it is in the past and stayed in the past. In my town I remember Hans being very chill and staying inside his house alot minding his own business. I have not had him in NW and I rotated my villagers alot until recently but the NL experience will forever stick with me.
For all of you that your dreamie is Hans all the love to you ❤️ I know what is like having an underrated villager as a dreamie.