The (undecided name) show!


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Jan 15, 2005
Astral Inner Planet Floating Gold #10

It's now available for pre-order! It's only $94.50 for the entire works of the comic genius Bill Watterson. This is the best (in my highly intelligent and venerated opinion) the best comic strip of all time. Normally $150.00 when it's released in October of this year, pre-order now and get it for jsut $94.50 (37% off)!

~ Special price -- $94.50
~ Shipping INCLUDED!
~ Includes a free 30-day subscription to My Comics Page.
~ Three hardcover, slip-cased volumes
~ Sunday comics in glorious color
~ Ships October, 2005

I'm pre-ordering, that's for sure.

I think the far side is better.
just so you know, that was not intended to meen that I think calven and hobes sucks. as a mater of fact, I love it. I am saying I would not buy it, but I would buy the far side's one (probobly)
Alright. This is the info/sign-up thread for the (undecided name) show!
Current times:
Saturdays, from 1 pm to 4 pm EST
Show schedule:
1:00-1:10: Opening, info about what is on that episode of the show/done by me
1:10-1:30: Off air
1:30-2:00: Interview with a member of TBT/*open*
2:00-2:30: Art gallery with a member (shows various chat creations)/*open*
2:30-3:00: Real Video game news/*open*
3:00-4:00: Debate/*open*
Updater(2): Must be able to edit this post when it needs editing.
Text saver(3): Will save chat text and post it here.
chatter(4): will cover whatever job from chat they are assigned to
searcher(2): Person will find one person for interview each week and one person for art gallery each week
Backup person(12): must be able to do whatever they need to do
<big><big><big><big><big>Sign up now!</big></big></big>
Or is that because it is almost 100 hundred dollars? o_O