The System-Pie Flame War


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Dec 2, 2004
It has been resolved. They have made an agreement, and I will post it now -

I Pie Or Die and Systemeltdown911 agree to stay away from eachother's topics and not to flame eachother, also and most importantly we agree not to directly attack eachother with posts or pictures or pms or IM's, and agree not to TRY and get one another banned. If one of us has broken any of the above rules the punishment first will be a warning by a admin that lasts for 1 week and then if it happens again, a ban is in order.

They have resolved their issues, and I also want to make something clear - I do NOT want anyone hating either PoD or SMD. NOBODY. Their MSN Conversations were clearly heated because they were debating sensitive topics, and all hate messages they posted there are NOT to be taken seriously.