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The Secret Game!


Co-Founder of TBT
Retired Staff
Dec 2, 2004
In this game, people will post their secrets; some of them may be fake, but some may be real! It is up to the next poster to say whether or not the secret was true or false, and the next post will have to post a true/false secret of his/her own. The game continues in this manner!

Secret - I like Hermione from Harry Potter....
Smart_Tech_Dragon_15 said:

Is a Local Mod.
sorry buddy, its true


what can i say... im a chick magnet


and yes, of course, yours is true



i enjoy mustard
Bulerias said:

Actually owns three dogs and two cats...
1 where did you come from?

2 not true i am currently enjoying a book by the name of American Gods, good so far but a little adult(f-bomb dropped on first page to start)

and false?

I like SPAM!

to ST yes!