The Return Of the Jedi Councel

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Feb 27, 2005

The emporer cunfused Anikin, told him lies, and forced him to lead an attack that changed the war as we know it, But Yoda, and Obi survived. They took the children of Anikin and put them in a place where they can be out of ths war, until the time is right, meanwhile, they need to find more Jedi in the mean time, and set things up, for Luke. So Obi set off to every planet finding them, but to make sue another Anikin didn't happen he made them take a test. Depending on thier scores, there rank in the councle will show.


Head Jedi Master~Bam
Seconed in command Jedi Master
Masters (3max)~Ultrabyte
Jedi in training

Depending on your rank, your activeness in this will matter.

1. What would you do if your loved one was about to die, but it would be a great risk to try and save him/her?
2. What is a Jedi?
3. What qualities must you have to be on the dark side?
4. What caused the fall of the Jedi Councel?
5. What must you be, in order to be a Jedi master?

The test will be updated as we go on...

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No Flamin
No getting off topic
If it does get off topic then leave it alone and continue
If there is spam or an insult of any kind do not respond, report it. If you must complain PM it to me.

Good luck, and may the force be with you.
>_< forgot one thing, when you get your postion fill out this.

Lightsaber color~

and test must come to me by PM.
this contains spoilers i hope you know...

and yeah... didn't you just make one of these things?

I'm almost sure this makes no sense. Obi-Wan goes in to exile after Anakin become a Sith and dies by Anakin's hand years later at the Death Star. Yoda hides on Dagobah until he dies of old age. But, this is an RP, so you can do what you want.

Just don't call him Obi.

:p You sound like Jar Jar Binks. :lol:
Name~ Takeo (pronounced Tah-Kee-Oh)
Age~ 15
Lightsaber color~ Silver blade with a Black hilt.
Description~ Black spiky hair, blue eyes under shades. Wears jeans, a black shirt, and black VANS.

If that descrpition is too Modern, tell me.
"I... Let's just say my force can be unpredictable..." Takeo said, with a twinge of shame in his speech. He hid it from most Jedi, the fact that his force was passed down through him from a dead Sith. The only problem is that sometimes he is tooken over completely and goes on a killing rampage.
"Yes it is....," siad Bam " it can make you a hero among the galexcies, turn you into a heted person, it can destroy you and take you over where light can not shine, or take you to peace....just remember we are here for you, anyways enough of that, I am going out for supplies I will be back shortly.
Takeo nodded. He looked at his hands. He knew when it would happen, because his thoughts went haywire, and his hands and eyes glowed a blood red.
Age~A lot
Lightsaber color~Chartruese
Description~Vey fat