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Dec 28, 2004
Hello, and welcome to the Member Library, the one-stop place to find out about members at The Bell Tree. This is the secessor to the Member FAQ, this thread will be more organized, with a table of contents, and all data sorted out. Also, this thread will be read-only as well.

Library Keeper:
-Smart Tech Dragon 15

Now, if you want anything added to the Member Library, such as something in the Member FAQ saying something about you, any changes (time zone, rank up, etc.), send this in a PM to me, Smart Tech, and I'll add it ASAP. With me, this is usually the day you send it, if I'm online. Chances are, that will be a yes. So, don't forget!

Also, once this thread has been updated, I'll use my bumping powers to bump it so that all can see!

The Member Library was *Finally* Updated at 9:12 P.M. (CST) On June 12, 2006

New Update!


The Nickname Area has been retired.
If you see in the Rank Information post, you will see that the Sage rank is not at the right color. For some reason, the BBC code is currently not functioning for some reason. This will be fixed ASAP.
The Member FAQ

Hello, and welcome to the Member FAQ, a section of The Member Library. You can read up on TBT's most popular members here. Some are known for good things, and others are the opposite, but this makes a great thread nonetheless. Credit goes to Bulerias for the idea, and first managing of this thread.

Legend -

TZ- Time Zone
Mou. =Mountain

G- Gender
B- Birthday
S/P- State/Province

The Staff -

STORMTROOPER88888 (TZ-Est.) (G-Male) B-? S/P- Connecticut
The leader, founder, and admin of The Bell Tree. He is a great person, and has also started the Animal Crossing Ask Center. He loves Star Wars, and has great ideas that benefit The Bell Tree enormously, which include The Bell System, and other things. Storm can be a little of a slow worker at times (trust me, I know), but he means well.

BULERIAS (TZ-Cen.) (G-Male) B-April 26 S/P-Minnesota
Bulerias, or Bul, as he is called, was made admin here after he merged his Nintendo Forums with TBT. Bul was a Global Mod before that. People called him strict, but he looks past that and continues to do his job. He is actually quite nice now. Bul was the Vice President at the currently dead ACAC, and he loved it. Bul have created many contests here. Bul also has had many plans and ideas for TBT, with almost all coming into effect. Bulerias was at TBT from the very beginning, being Member 3; Storm was 1, his test dummy was 2, and Bul was 3.

Smart_Tech_Dragon_15 (TZ-Cen.) (G-Male) B-August 2 S/P-Missouri
That is me. Sometimes, I am called Valoo. There's a story behind that, too. PM me if you want to hear it. Anyways, I was the first sage of TBT. I also helped create the first ACAC. I was the Vice President of the ACAC, until I resigned due to lack of time. I have been told that I am a great person, and I have one of the best creative minds that Bul has seen. I do a lot for TBT, such as managing Bell Town, TBT's official RP, TBT Trivia, TBT Tank War!, and the Member Library, which I keep editing; Bul made the original Member Library. I have also had ideas for TBT, both for the people and behind the scenes. I am now an Admin, and I do a lot of the grunt work, or work the other Admins don't want to do.

[color=cc1144]BASTOISE99[/color] (TZ-Est.) (G-Male) B-July 30 S/P- New York
BASTOISE99 was made an admin,after being a Global Mod for some time. He became a Global Mod after he was an outstanding Local Mod in the Gamecube board. It was his goal to become an admin at TBT, and the goal is finally achieved. Blast, as he is called, can seem a little distant at times, but it a very friendly person and always good to chat to. Blast has stepped down from his position as Admin of TBT, and holds the retired Admin rank.

DarthGohan1(TZ-Cen.) (G-Male) B-??? S/P-???
DarthGohan1, or DG, as he is called by most, is one of the employees of The Bell Guard, and one of the most enthusiastic at that. He had some ideas that TBG might implement. He has also given the idea to ask Admins and Mods to update this with information from the user themselves. He also plays Forum Games regulary, with Smart Tech as his rival. DarthGohan is also the head of the Animal Crossing Experience, one of the first AC RP's at TBT. He was made a Sage at TBTF, and was also chosen for Local and Global Mod, where he is today. While DG was a Local Mod, he modded the TBT Network, and the Trading Posts. It's a little known fact that DG is responsible for the creation of the Trading Post.

Fish(TZ-Mou.) (G-Male) B-August 21 S/P- Utah
Called fish by everyone, he, might I say, is the prankster of TBT. He has co-created the most popular RP (Cafe Fish) in the Role Playing board. He is apparently a good friend of PikMino42. He was also the winner of the Sage Competition. Fish has also ran a store at TBT, Fish's Art Store, where he has made art for almost everyone at TBT. Fish is the leader of the TBT Graphics Team, and just wants to have fun.

SPORGE27 (TZ-?) (G-Male) B-? S/P-Illinois
SPORGE27 became a sage after winning one of the annual AT Contests at the ACAC. He has started the hugely popular Termina Cafe, which originally started in the RP board, but was moved to the Spam Site due to spamming. Although, it was deleted soon after. But, Sporge got another chance, as Termina Cafe is now up and running in TBT's RP Board. Sporge was chosen as Local Mod, and mods 22 boards. I believe he holds the record for most boards modded by a Local Mod.

ZERO_13 (TZ-Est.) (G-Male) B-March 26 S/P- Puerto Rico
ZERO_13 is the only member that became a sage due to good posting, and just being a good overall member. He helps a lot of people at Technical Support, and is a pretty good person to talk to. Zero was chosen as Local Mod, and is the newest member to join the Staff. He is also a good member, and is a part of the TBT Graphics team. Zero mods 5 boards.

Flummoxer (TZ-?) (G-Male) B-? S/P- N/A
Flummoxer, formery TYoshi90, helped The Bell Tree start out, as did BASTOISE99 and Bulerias. After December 25th, he mysteriously vanished and never appeared on Nsider or TBT again, until just recently. He just gave up his position on Global Mod, and was recently a Veteran of TBT, until he was made a Sage. He is kept in the Staff position still because he was once part of it.


Sages -

LINKERATOR96761 (Tz-Pac.) (G-Male) B-January 28 S/P- Washington
LINKERATOR96761 is originally the first member of Bul's Nintendo Forums; he was a Global Mod there. When they merged with TBT, he became the Local Mod of the Spam Board, but was shortly made Mod of all three Off-Topic boards. He is very funny. One the day of Smart_Tech_Dragon_15's Local Mod coronation, he was made a Global Mod. After his inactivity, he asked to be demoted to Local Mod, modding the boards he first modded. But, due to inactivity, he requested to be demoted to Sage.

Justin125 (TZ-Pac.) (G-Male) B-September 25 S/P-British Columbia
One of the youngest members of The Bell Tree, he's a fantastic speller for his age. He has opened his Bet Store, where you can really make some big bells. Justin125 was also the first winner of trivia at TBT. Justin was chosen as a Sage.

ZeldaFreak104 (TZ-Est.) (G-Male) B-June 10 S/P-Michigan
One of Smart Tech's greatest game rivals, Zelda will sometimes play against Smart in a game of Tank Attack or Sub War. Zelda was an admin of 2 forums, but unfortunately they failed. Zelda won the April 2005 AT Contest. Zelda is also currently the record holder of most Quadra Line games won. Zelda was chosen as Sage, and is currently the newest Sage at TBT.

XGT(TZ-?) (G-Male) November 26 S/P-Ontario
XGT, formerly JJRAMONE2, is a very good artist, and has ran a few shops here at TBT. XGT has always wanted to be a sage, and proud that he is. At the Former Chalet Redd at TBT, JXGT was the head of the Gyroids, a cabin at the Former Chalet Redd. XGT has returned to TBT after a period of inactiveness, and has made quite a few ratings of others artwork at TBT.

OddCrazyMe(TZ-N/A) (G-Male) B-N/A S/P- N/A
OddCrazyMe, or OCM for short, has been seen playing forum games, but is most active in Animal Crossing related activities, such as the Trading Post board. He is one of our newest sages, and will soon becoming a veteran member, or somewhere close. OCM has also made some well-thought-out video game posts.

PKMNMasterSamus(TZ-Cen.) (G-Male) B-December 1 S/P- Wisconsin
PKMNMasterSamus is a true Nintendo fan. He also loves Pokemon as well. Yes, it is kind of weird that he has a girl's name for his name, but that's the name he picked. PKMNMasterSamus is one of our most active members. PKMNMasterSamus is also part of the Nsider forums. He is also a very fast typer, and nice. PKMNMasterSamus is also the newest member on record that has held the Trivia Master rank. He is also one of our newest Sages.

Normal Members -

Minority(TZ-Est.) (G-Male) B-? S/P- N/A
Cup Of Noodles, formerly known as BamBam!, can be a great person. Bam has a real knack at making skins, and is known for his "spamminess". After a long banning period, CON has returned, and shown us, the staff of TBT, that he can cooperate here. CON has been very good since his return here at TBT. CON is also an Admin at The Nintendo Zone, a Nintendo-based forum, which we work with. Anything really is possible, huh? And CON is living proof of that.

THEBOBINATOR (TZ-Est.) (G-Male) B-? S/P- N/A
A very good friend of Cup_Of_Noodles. He has brought the llama smiley here, which was deleted later, because others abused it. Also, Bob, as he is called, has worked in Cafe Fish and both Termina's, wielding his "broom of doom". It was also him that convinced the Admins to raise the total number of pics allowed per post. Also, if you haven't noticed, he can not spell very good. Bob has also been missing in action as of late.

DSCUBER9000 (TZ-?) (G-Male) B-? S/P- N/A
As his name suggests, he is a fan-boy of the DS and Nintendo as a whole. He hates the PSP, which is particularly evident in some of his sigs, which show the cons of the PSP.

AVGANONDORF (TZ-Cen.) (G-Male) B-? S/P-Minnesota
Who said brothers can't be together on forums? AVGANONDORF is the brother of BULERIAS, and is about the same age as Justin125. He is an avid Tank Attack player, and his favorite opponent is Smart_Tech, aka Valoo.

CYNDAQUIL34 (TZ-Est.) (G-Male) B-? S/P- N/A
The master storyteller of TBT and the Crossing Guardian. If you have ever been to the Crossing Guardian, you have heard of him and his stories, that's for sure. Cyndaquil has been sort of a "ninja" at TBT, lurking in the shadows sometimes (a.k.a. rarely).

ACFAN (TZ-Est.) (G-male) B-March 6 S/P-Maine
One of the regulars of TBT, and is a great person to chat with. He has also won the Mr. Spam contest. ACFan also held the Shrubbery rank. Formerly known as AC1983FAN.

MasterDS Lite (TZ-?) (G-Male) B-? S/P- N/A
The third president of The Bell Guard, he is especially talented with making Nintendo smilies and sig add-ons. He is also the founder and head administrator at a few of his own IF forums, known as Super Smash Center and The Kennel. He has since abandoned Super Smash Center, and left it to die. He now resides at other forums (the infamous, feel free to go spam there), and has not visited TBT for quite a while.

Monkey09 (TZ-Mou.) (G-Male) B-June 20 S/P-Texas
A member of Nintendo's official NSider Forum, Monkey also is a member here, as well as at the Super Smash Center (which is now gone, sadly), and the Kennel (abandoned as well), ran by MasterDSX. Monkey usually knew about current matters at TBT, and makes good sigs. He's been gone for a while as well.

Lone_Wolf (TZ-?) (G-?) B-February 21 S/P-California
Formerly known as Fox619, he has played a good amount of games of Tank Attack against Smart Tech. He also makes some really cool sigs (at his GFX shop).

Only_Half_Evil333 (TZ-?) (G-?) B-January 9 S/P-Illinois
OHE is a good user, he has played in various games of Tank Attack against Smart Tech, and played almost all of the Forum Games. He is a very active RPer, and is employed at both Cafes in TBT's RP board. He too has been gone for a bit.

Smash King (TZ-?) (G-Female) B-August 1 S/P-Ontario
I don't know much about Smash King, any info would be appreciated. Thanks! She's the best female king ever!

DSFan121(TZ-Est.) (G-Female) B-January 21 S/P-Massachussets
Formerly known as DSFan, then Neo_Discover, DSFan has had a lot of name changes here at TBT. She/he, in past months, started a large flame war at TBT. Although she/he has been banned a few times, it seemed that DSFan has changed, and has been a very good member of TBT. She also seems to have a thing for Mirror B., which she illustrates with her sig and avatar.

Kyle(TZ-Est.) (G-Male) B-January 21 S/P-Michigan
One of TBT's newest regulars, Kyle signed up not too long ago. Formerly known as Kolvo, then Fossil, then Kolvo again, he changed his name to Kyle. Kyle is a great person, and plays the Forum Games quite often. Kyle has a thing for RuneScape, which is good for me, since I like it too. He also controls "Fat Bunny", which can be a deadly bunny force. Also, Kyle is writing a TBT Story in the RP board.

Triforce3force (TZ-Est.) (G-Female) B-August 30 S/P-Ohio
She was one of the first members of the ACAC. Triforce, after being inactive for a period of time, has returned to TBT for more fun. She likes DDR (Dance Dance Revolution, I think. :p), and is one of the only people at TBT that does not have Wi-Fi. Triforce has caught almost all of the fish in AC:GCN except the elusive Stringfish.

Soccerboy8033 (TZ-N/A) (G-Male) B-N/A S/P- N/A
Soccerboy8033, an active user at TBT, is the only user so far to have signed up with a name referencing a sport. Soccerboy is an avid AC Fan, and plays forum games a lot. He also likes Animal Crossing. Soccer also likes Soccer, and plays it from time to time.

Koehler(TZ-Est.) (G-Male) B-May 20 S/P-Michigan
NookPTP, or just Nook, is one of TBT's regulars. He plays Forum Games, but is more active in RPs and Chat Threads. Nook is a good member, and likes Animal Crossing. Nook is also the creator of the Roost, a fairly popular RP in the Gulliver's Tales board. He was formerly named Tom_Nook.

Top_Kirby(TZ-N/A) (G-N/A) B-N/A S/P- N/A
Top Kirby, one of TBT's newer members, is an avid Kirby fan. Top Kirby is also known for his original (and awesome!) Kirby artwork, which is posted in the Able Sister's board. Has recently became active again.

Prince_Boo(TZ-N/A) (G-N/A) B-N/A S/P- N/A
A fairly new member to TBT, Prince Boo has started up his own RP in the Gulliver's Tale board, called Prince Boo's mansion (and has eve nhad a sequle spawned oof of it). Although he said he won't be able to get to TBT vrey often anymore, he's fun to have around (and especially fun to RP with).

Terry16389(TZ-N/A) (G-N/A) B-N/A S/P- N/A
A somewhat new regular to TBT, Terry posts in the Off-Topic board often. He usually posts links to fun and funny things on the internet, which is always enjoyable. Terry also plays Tank Attack and Forum Games. He also started TBT's Poem Competition in celebration of TBT reaching 100,000 posts.

UltraByte (TZ-?) (G- Female) B-October 1 S/P-California
The best spritemaker at The Bell Tree, period. She is famous here for her different Sonic sprites, so if you need any sprite, don't hesitate to ask her for some! But, one day, Ultrabyte disappeared. She came back for a short time, holding the Trivia Accomplisher rank. After yet another dissappearance, Ultrabyte has returned (twice, I believe), again.

LINK1704 (TZ-?) (G-Male) B-? S/P- N/A
Also a great sig maker, but not as good as JAPANLOVER or Mino. He is a veteran of TBT, and overall good poster. Link has recently reappeared out of donut space, and has returned to TBT for some fun.
The Who's What Rank List

Hello, and welcome to the Who's What Rank List, a section in the Member Library. This not only serves as a reference to who is what rank, but will also serve as an archive to those that have held a temporary rank (e.g. Mr. Spam). Normal members, to get on this list, you must either be at rock or above (the qualification will rise if a lot of people get rock), or you must win a rank from a contest. Any other members like Admins and Mods already have reserved places on the list.

Staff/Helper Ranks


Global Moderators:

Local Moderators:

[color=000CC0]Official TBTS Helper:


Special Ranks


Ninja Sloth:

[color=cc1144]Retired Administrator:


Normal User Ranks

Rare Fruit Tree:

Fruit Tree:

[color=999999]Forbidden NES:


Golden Axe:


[color=33cccc]K.K. Aircheck:



Bag of Bells:

Shooting Star:






MasterDS Lite

Red Rock:



Contest/Competition Ranks

Mr. Spam:

A.T. Contest Winner:

[color=33cccc]Trivia Master:

Trivia Accomplisher:

Tank General:

Tank General Sage:


Buyable Ranks


Postman Rank:


Past Rank Holders (For Contest/Competition Ranks Only)
Mr. Spam:

A.T. Contest Winner:

[color=33cccc]Trivia Master:

Trivia Accomplisher:

Tank General:

Tank General Sage:

Submarine Admiral:

<big><big><big>Rank Information/How To Get A Rank</big></big></big><big><big>

Staff/Helper Ranks
Administrator: To be an Administrator, you have to be picked by the staff. The only known exception to this was Mino, who was made a Temporary Admin to help TBT with its domain work. Any previous Moderation positions increases your chances.

Global Moderator: To be a Global Moderator, you must be picked by the staff. Being a Local Mod or Sage can increase your chances.

Local Moderator: To be a Local Moderator, you must be picked by the staff. Being a sage can also help increase your chance for this rank.

[color=000CC0]Official TBTS Helper[/color]: This rank, designed for The Bell Tree Store (TBTS), was first given to Rob. It's powers are currently unknown, although it is confirmed that with that rank you can enter the TBTS boards, and possibly edit/delete.
Special Ranks

Sage: To become a Sage, you must be picked by the Staff of TBT. There are a few things that can help your chances, such as being active, and making good posts.

TBT Veteran: This rank is discontinued, it was given to TYoshi90 after he resigned from the staff, which is believed to have powers comparable to a member. Nothing really that special. But, soon after his return, he was made a sage, and the rank became discontinued.

[color=cc1144]Retired Administrator[/color]: Given to Bastoise99, this rank was presented to him as a gift from the Admins after his "retirement". With it, not only does he get the cool off-red color, but he can still access the Staff Boards, just not the Admin CP. It also has full member and mod powers, such as closing thread, editing, etc. Bastoise will probably be the only one to hold this rank, unless another Admin of the Staff retires. Although, this seems unlikely.

Ambassador Mage: Basicially what the name says, the Ambassador Mage is a person that goes to other forums to get their affiliate permission, sort things out between the forum they came from and their forum, etc. So far, it seems only one will hold this rank, and that is Sporge27. I do not know if this rank will be used again or not.

[color=999999]Cursed[/color]: This rank made its entrance a few days before the Halloween Fest at TBT. Not much is known about this, except that when someone is cursed, they can not start topics.

[color=999999]Spirit[/color]: This rank appeared around the same time as the Cursed rank. The ghosts that resided in the woods are the only ones known to hold it. The powers on these are still unclear, but it is though that they can "Curse" members via Admin CP, so they are most likely equivalent to an Administrator.

TBTF Guest Of Honor: A rank used during The Bell Tree Fair, that was given to all the guests of honor. Only 5 so far, have been given this rank, and it is unlikely that it will be used after the end of The Bell Tree Fair.

Ninja Sloth: This rank was first given to Canttouchthis04 as a prize for his winning TBTF Contest. The powers are unknown at this moment, except that other people can hold his rank. It was the Prize rank from the TBTF. It is currently not in use.

Emperor: This rank, held only by StormTrooper88888 is the highest and most powerful rank known to TBT. It has the same powers as an Admin, and possibly that of the root user. Although some may think Storm made this rank to show off his complete authority, he actually made it just to have something different and unique. There's no shame in that.

Barbel Steed/Big Sneeze/[color=999999]Revolution Controller[/color]/360 Controller: A collection of ranks, made by Bulerias that he gave himself when he had a little fun with the Admin CP. Powers are estimated to be that of an Admin.

[color=8E2323]Merriest Soul on TBT[/color]: This was given to Sporge27 during Christmas 2005, as what you could call a present from Storm. After Christmas, Sporge had it changed, and it will most likely not be used again. This rank assumedly had all the powers of a Sage.

Dark Sage: Originally held by Sporge27 after becoming a Sage, he lost the rank, as it was replaced by Ambassador Mage. However, after Christmas 2005, Sporge regained the rank a short time before his Modding. It had all the powers of a Sage.

Dark Mage: Given to Sporge27 shortly after his inditement into the Staff, Sporge asked for his Mod rank to be returned. It was used for less than a week. It has all the powers as a regular Mod.

Pizza Delivery Dragon: This was a rank I was given when I made a poll in the Sage Board saying "What Rank Would You Like To See Me Have?". Although I didn't think they would take me seriously, it seems they did, and I have that rank prior to Admin. It had the same powers as a Global Mod. Looks like you must watch what you say, unless you really want it to happen...


Pancake: Given to Kolvo for his dislike of insects, it has became his "special rank" and overall theme to him. Although powers are still a little unknown, I believe it has editing and deleting powers.

Contest/Competiton Ranks

Mr .Spam: To Be Mr. Spam, you must win the Spam Contest, held at The Bell Tree. It is run when Mino is bored.

A.T. Contest Winner: To recieve this rank, you must win a A.T. Contest, held at the ACAC at the Nintendo NSider Forums.

[color=33cccc]Trivia Master:[/color] To get this rank, you need to be the winner at TBT Trivia. This rank allows editing, and I believe, deleting. You can only hold this rank for one month.

Trivia Accomplisher: To get this rank, you need to be the runner up at TBT Trivia. Like Trivia Master, it has editing powers, and you can only have it for 1 month. Although this was once discontinued, this rank has gone back into circulation.

Tank General: To get this rank, you must win TBT Tank Attack Tournament, which is the first Saturday of every month. With this rank, you can edit, and I think delete, and make polls.

Tank General Sage: A modification of the Tank General rank, which Fish was given when we won the TBT Tank Attack Tournament. It has the powers of both Sage and Tank General, hence the combined name. Although the Sage and TGS color may look similiar, the TGS's color is a darker green.

Submarine Admiral: This rank has been retired, it was once used as a contest rank, for the TBT Sub War Tournament, which never became too popular. Only one person has had it, and that was ZeldaFreak104.

Buyable Ranks

Shrubbery: Originally given to PikMino42 for a while after coming in 2nd at the Sage Competition, this was also held by a person in the former TBT Woods. It is now a buyable rank, and it's powers are currently unknown at the moment.

Postman Rank: A buyable rank, with it, you can hold over 30,000 PMs and Mass PM up to 1,000 people. This rank also allows editing.

Fence Key: Not techinally a rank, but with it, you can enter Acre C-3, a secret board,

Card: Although techincally not a rank, when you buy a card from TBT's Official store, you send something to an Admin, which, in tern, sends it to a person of your choosing. Neat, huh?
<big><big><big>Notes About Ranks</big></big></big><big></big><big><big>

Some users instead of ranks, have titles, which are not currently given out. Sages and up can request a custom title. This feature may be opened up to normal users in the future.

Special ranks will be bought. As of November 25, 2005, there is a shop for it in TBT Store Board.

PikMino42 was made a temporary administrator to help out with the setting up of our domain. He is currently a Global Mod.

There are expections to when moderators are chosen. For example, it is possible that a normal member could become a Global Moderator before becoming a Sage and/or Local Mod, but usually this doesn't happen.

List Of Titles Used
Founder - StormTrooper88888
King of Red Lions - Bulerias
Clone Commander - Bastoise99
<big><big><big>Member Messenger Directory</big></big></big><big><big>

Hello, and welcome to the Member Messenger Directory, a section of the Member Library. This is where you can find out the Instant Messaging names of members at The Bell Tree, to talk to them via Instant Messenger. Currently, we have the 3 most popular Instant messengers on our list, but this may change.

Note: The Colored names are the ones that are Sages, Mods, and Admins. Also, only Mods and Admins will have their names in each category, no sage or member will.

AOL Instant Messenger (AIM)

Stormtrooper88888: Storm88888
Bulerias: ddelfuego2005
Bastoise99: Blast50
Smart_Tech_Dragon_15: None
Linkerator96761: Linkerator96761
Fish: Fish 12543
Zero_13: RaNiEr CbA
Sporge27: sporge27
Justin125: Hamumu nut
Picklewarrior098: greyowl098
Only Half Evil333: villindude
Pie_Or_Die: Pie0rDie (That's a zero, not an O)
HyperShadowGirl: AliaPie
ZeldaFreak104: funny llama104
Neo_Discoverer_23: DSFanatic
Cup_Of_Noodles: Bambamfanfan
Mino: AmorpheousM, Dr Mario343

MSN Messenger (MSN)

Stormtrooper88888: None
Bastoise99: None
Fish: None
Smash King:

Yahoo Instant Messenger (Yahoo)

Stormtrooper88888: None
Bulerias: ddelfuego
Bastoise99: None
Smart_Tech_Dragon_15: None
Linkerator96761: LINKY96761
DarthGohan1: None
Fish: None
SysteMeltDown911: jjbatjr_2001
Only_Half_Evil333: forebiddenglory
Monkey 09: leyva_eli
Google Talk Messenger (Google)

Stormtrooper88888: None
Bulerias: None
Bastoise99: None
Smart_Tech_Dragon_15: None
Linkerator96761: None
Fish: None
Lone_Wolf: wolf117
<big><big><big>The Member Memorial</big>

Hello, and welcome to the Member Memorial, a section at TBT. Here is where the profiles of users that have been either banned or have not been active for 2 months are kept. This will serve as a memorial to those that have no longer posted here.

Legend -

TZ- Time Zone
Mou. =Mountain

G- Gender
B- Birthday
S/P- State/Province

PKMNRULES! (TZ-?) (G-Male) B-? S/P- N/A
PKMNRULES!, which means Pokemon Rules, not Pikmin Rules, became a sage after winning an AT Contest at the ACAC. He has been idle for the last couple of months, but was active before. His accomplishments aren't many, but are pretty notable. He made some of the most original threads back when TBT was young and ripe.

Mino (TZ-Cen.) (G-Male) B-July 13 S/P- Minnesota
Mino was a memorable user at TBT. He first was an Admin to help with domain work, but was demoted to sage so that he could get a formal "inauguration" into the staff. After being made a Local Mod of TBT, after a few weeks, he became a Global Mod. But, soon after, he was demodded for disagreements within the staff. He was a graphics artist, and had some great ideas. Although due to an incident with the Staff, Mino was stripped of his staff position and banned for a while. For some reason, he has left TBT, and had his sage position taken away. Inactive since April 25, 2006.

KING'O'HYRULE (TZ-?) (G-?) B-? S/P- N/A
You might know him from Nsider; he has made the very popular Mayor, Senate, and other political voting threads at the Crossing Guardian. They are currently put to an end, due to constant fighting and talking about Kmart. Inactive since January 5, 2005.

JAPANLOVER (TZ-?) (G-?) B-? S/P- N/A
A rival sig maker to Mino. He has made jawsome sigs, and his banner was formerly being used for TBT. Inactive since June 22, 2005.

He has won, I believe, the most AT Contests. Although he's not very active at TBT, his job is to post the Afternoon Topic each and every day at the Animal Crossing Ask Center.

MSHRMBIRDO (TZ-?) (G-Male) B-? S/P- N/A
If you have ever been to the Crossing Guardian, then you have heard of MSHRMBIRDO. He has created hugely popular thread like Gulliver's Travels, Animal of the Week, and many more.

SUNATE (TZ-?) (G-?) B-?
S/P- N/A Apparently, SUNATE helped BAMBAM! with the AC Story Book, which later became a section at TBTW.

SLACKER6 (TZ-?) (G-?) B-? S/P- N/A
He is a member of the ACAC. He was pretty productive, until he just vanished. Another victim of the Last Tree Curse...

ULT.DARKSAMUS (TZ-?) (G-Male) B-? S/P- N/A
Ultra Dark Samus was a Metroid Fan, and like writing Metroid Stories. Has dissappeared from TBT. Inactive since November 26, 2005.

PAPERDR4GON (TZ-?) (G-Male) B-? S/P- N/A
He was once a very active ACAC member, but ended up forgetting about his buddies STORM, myself, BASTOISE99, and TYOSHI. Inactive since April 17, 2005.

WHODAT23 (TZ-?) (G-male) B-? S/P- N/A
He headed the last 2 or 3 of the Political threads at the Crossing Guardian. KING'O'HYRULE gave the reigns to WHODAT23, for some reason, but it wasn't a very good idea to continue the political threads altogether. Inactive since: December 13, 2005

Was once a very active member of TBT and the ACAC. Ended up forgetting about the ACAC and TBT. Inactive since July 21, 2005

Canttouchthis04 (TZ-?) (G- Male) B-? S/P-N/A
Canttouchthis04, who prefers to be called CTT, hasn't been a member for very long. He first joined for TBTF with "The Guest of Honor" rank. He narrowly took first place in TBTF. It is also believed he set a record with answering the most questions ever in a TBT trivia session. He also invented the rank "Ninja Sloth". CTT currently holds 7 out of 10 of the arcade high scores, and at one point, he had 9 out of ten. CTT is also an Admin at NF. CTT was only here for TBTF, but he sure left his mark here. Inactive since December 10, 2005

Pie_Or_Die (TZ-?.) (G-Male) B-? S/P-Texas
PoD is a wonderful person. He creates great graphics, any kind, really. He is also comical, and sometimes hot-blooded. He is an awesome person to talk with. Although, for some strange reason, PoD has disappeared, never to be seen again. Could the Curse be back? He did pop in here once. Inactive since January 9, 2006.

GBMASTER1022 (TZ-?) (G-?) B-? S/P- N/A
Apparently, he knows STORM very well. GBMASTER1022 once created some forums, where I was made Global Mod, but was later banned for abusing my powers. I think that him making his forums started TBT out. Inactive since February 25, 2005.

Test_Unit_1 (TZ-?) (G-?) B-? S/P- N/A
Not much is known about this mysterious user that pops up from time to time. He is completely shrouded in mystery. Although there are some rumors spreading saying who it might be, these are unconfirmed. TBT Test Unit is no longer here, as the account have been deleted. Since the deletion, the truth about TBT Test User will never be known. Inactive since N/A, account deleted.

LT.AGAR (TZ-?) (G-Male) B-? S/P- N/A
From what I know, he writes fantastic reviews, and likes to play games. He also likes Star Wars. Inactive since September 13, 2005

Wario(TZ-?) (G-Male?) B-N/A S/P-Massachussets
Wario is DSFan's Brother. He has only visited TBT once. Inactive since October 16, 2005.

SysteMeltDown911 (TZ-?) (G-?) B-October 31 S/P-Illinois
I don't know too much about System, if System could PM me saying what he or she, I'm not sure, would like added, I would appreciate it. Thanks. Inactive since February 16, 2006.

HyperShadowGirl (TZ-?) (G-Female) B-March 6 S/P- N/A
A friend of Ultra's, she seems to like VGCats, illustrated by her sig, and Sonic, illustrated by her avatar. Inactive since October 8, 2005.

YesManJr's_Cohort(TZ-?) (G-N/A) B-N/A S/P-Minnesota
YesManJr is one of TBT's finest members. Although YesMan is not always active here, that is because Yesman has also joined other forums as well. Inactive since January 4, 2006.

Link2398(TZ-Cen.) (G-Male) B-Aug. 15 S/P-Illinois
Link2398, one of TBT's newest regulars, comes to TBT to talk about AC:WW. Link is also editing various photos to make them funny, and advertises TBT on NSider whenever he can so that more people can join and this community can grow. Link also likes Boondocks, a show on Adult Swim and a comic strip, as illustrated by his avatar, which he made himself. Inactive since March 30, 2006.
<big><big><big>The Credits/Acknowledgements Center</big>

Hello, and welcome to the Credits and Acknowledgements Center, a very important part of the Member Library. Here, the names of those that have helped in any way with the Member Library are recorded here, forever, as long as this thread lasts.

Bulerias: For the original idea of the Member FAQ, and ownership of the first Member FAQ. Also idea holder of the Member Messenger Directory. Supplied color codes for Sub Admiral, Tank General, Cursed, and Ambassador Mage.

Smart_Tech_Dragon_15: Creator, and idea holder for the Member Library. Also claims ownership to the idea of the first Who's What Rank List, and the third Who's What Rank List. Holds also the idea of the Who's What Gender List, and the Credits/Acknowledgements center. Also had idea for Member Memorial.

DarthGohan1: Holder of the idea to add nicknames to the Member Library. His idea is in use today. Also had the idea for people to submit what they want to say about themselves in the Member FAQ. This idea was used, because it is a way to involve the people, or users, as I call them.

Ac1983Fan: Idea holder of the Who Lives In What State/Province thread, which is now part of the Member Library.

Zero_13: Manager of the second Who's What Rank List. Zero's alterations remain present in today's rank list at the Member Library.

Justin125: Idea holder of the first, and only Who's What Time Zone thread. His idea was integrated into the Member Library.

Mino: Made varions edits to the Library.

Sporge_27: Inspiraton for the Member Memorial

I would like to say thanks to all that have helped make the Member Library what it is today, and without you, the ones that helped, the Member Library would not be as it is today.