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<big><big><big><big><big>Welcome to the TBTS Information Thread!</big></big></big>

Everything you might possibly need to know about TBTS is posted right here! If you have ANY questions about TBTS, just look it up here!

;) I will update this thread when there is any new information regarding TBTS or the limitations of AC:WW that might prevent TBTS from using some possible services. I hope you enjoy reading up on TBTS info!

<big><big><big><big><big>What is TBTS?</big></big></big>

The Bell Tree Store is currently the world's largest Animal Crossing: Wild World service store/item store/organization. We have a wide variety of services, and I hope that you will find one that suits your needs. There is one for designing, interior decorating, and even one for fun and games, such as Mercenary. Our prices are hard to beat, and if they are beaten, please note that you will be getting less than you would at TBTS most of the time.
<big><big><big><big><big>TBTS Jobs</big></big></big>


Basically, your job is to design different patterns requested by customers, or create patterns of your own and then put them up for sale for customers to buy. An example situation is when a customer posts in our "Design Request Thread" , and asks for a Mario pattern, with only Mario's face. A designer looks a at the post, and then if he likes making Mario designs, then he tells the customer that he'll be doing the design, and he'll give an estimate for when it'll be done. When the design is done, the designer arranges a time for the customer and designer to meet. They exchange the design for money, and the employee deposits all money to the Official Bank of TBTS, in Bulerias's town.


A Gardener does various things; plants trees, flowers, waters flowers, and does landscape designs to the specific request of the customer. For example, a customer posts in the "Gardening Thread" and asks for a "Magical Garden" with a jungle theme. The gardener that wants to do the job PMs the customer, and sets up a time for the service. Then, the Gardener recieves instructions from the customer on how he wants the project to look like. ALL PLANTS MUST BE PROVIDED BY THE CUSTOMER. The gardener plants everything and the customer pays the Gardener, who then transfers the money to Bulerias, who deposits it in the special TBTS Bank.

Interior Decorator

Interior Decorators help with the arrangment of furniture in the customer's home. and the Interior Decorator discusses his plans with the customer, after the customer tells the employee what kind of aura and overall feel he wants to have in his home. Since it is not possible to move other people's furniture in other people's towns, the Interior Decorator shows a blue-print of the arrangment of furniture to the customer, either through PM, email, messenger, or etc., and the customer follows it, but then the customer travels to Bulerias, and gives him the money for the service.


A butler or maid will serve the customer in a various number of ways, ranging from buying and selling items at Tom Nook's, or sending a letter to a friend. There are some things butlers and maids cannot do for a customer though.

They cannot do the jobs of Designers
They cannot do the jobs of Gardeners
They cannot do the jobs of Interior Decorators
They cannot do the jobs of Street-Sweepers

All other things, if they are appropriate, can be done by the butler/maid for the customer. And example might be of a customer hosting a two person party, but the customer is behind schedule on buying and selling some things. The customer gives the butler/maid the items to sell, or a list of items to buy and then they go and sell/buy items. The items bought or the money gotten from a sale is returned to the customer. After a succesful job, the butler/maid returns all money gathered from a customer to Bulerias, who then deposits it into TBTS's bank.


The job of a mercenary is to offer entertainment to the customer, basically. Mercenaries are reqruited for game purposes. For example, a customer can create a game in which all "warriors" in the "war" are equipped with nets. If one of the warriors gets hit with a net 10 times, they are out of the game. But where to get these warriors? The answer is simple; TBTS. Mercenaries are these warriors that can be used by customers for these kinds of games. The game rules are up to the customer, as long as they are appropriate in many ways. Mercenaries are payed depending on the outcome of the game. Mercenaries can set their own prices, but they need to make sure they are decent, since the customer may or may not reqruit Mercenaries with high price tags. Mercenaries can also do "dirty services" like forcing somebody to pay debt, etc... After getting payed, the Mercenary keeps the money for himself.


A street-sweeper cleans the town of a customer. If there is litter on the ground, it is either thrown away, taken by the street-sweeper, or given back to the customer and thrown in front of the customer's house. The customer gives the street-sweeper preferences. It is basically up to the customer on how the street-sweeper cleans the town, and what he does with the items he picks up. The customer pays the street-sweeper, and the employee gives the money to Bulerias, who deposits it into TBTS's bank.

Store Owner

A Store Owner will own a branch of The Bell Tree Item Shop. The employee can choose which items to specialize in selling. All items will be supplied by TBTS, but part of the profit that each Store Owner makes will be donated to TBTS's bank. The benefit of owning a branch of TBTIS is that the owner will get 5,000 Bells at the end of the month, not counting the profit he will recieve from items sold.
<big><big><big><big><big>TBTS Employee List</big></big></big>

If you would like a job, please send
<big><big><big><big><big>What can I do to help TBTS?</big></big></big>

We accept donations of any kind, so if you're willing, please donate to us! We also accept volunteers, so if you are willing to work for free, please contact us!

Thank you for your patronage!
<big><big><big><big><big>TBTS Games</big></big></big>


The Bell Tree Store will have a section devoted to interactive games in Animal Crossing: Wild World, all of which are original, and some really fun! For some of the games, we will need staff to head them and to lead them, and we will need participants for every game, those of which will be picked by requesting to be in a specific game. To be considered for staff, you will need to send the same form as for becoming a normal employee, but also note why we should choose you as staff for TBTS games



<big><big><big><big>Our Games</big></big>

The Animal Wars
1-Each customer will register with tbts. We will have their friend code on record here in the employee board.
2-The customer will request a service.
3-Either a Pres. or VP will contact an employee to do the job.
4-Employee pms his/her friend code to the customer.
5-Service accomplished.
6-Report back to Pres. or Vp with any necesary info/money.