Super Smash Center


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Jul 1, 2005
This is about my board, SSBS, which is opening soon (Possibly later today). If you would like to be an Admin or Mod, Post here or PM me.
Here are the current ranks

Target 0
SandBag 10
Capsole 20
Crate 30
Pokeball 45
Home Run Bat 60
Trophy 80
Lottery Machine 100
Female Wireframe 125
Male WireFrame 150
Pichu 180
Jiglypuff 210
C-Stick 245
Controll Stick 280
Pog of P4 320
P4 Hand 360
Pog of P3 405
P3 Hand 450
Pog of P2 500
P2 Hand 550
Pog of P1 605
Giga Bowser 660
P1 Hand 720
Player 1 780
Smash Master 900

What do you think? (Currently an opinion thread, but will become an add)
MasterDSX said:
For future reference, Here it is , but note that it is not compleatly finished yet.
It's finished enough that it works. Do you think having 3 teams in the form of password required boards was a good idea?

I also need a background, a bannor, and a lot of other stuff
:yawn: Finaly finished making it. Please visit!
News on the forum said:
So I was reading NP when I learned of the existance of a "Smash Boards". I knew I should have done a Google search before founding this forum. Anyway, I beilive that this site will have to be renamed. I'm thinking Super Smash Center or something...

Yah... Got any opinions?
Now with Smash Coins (Money!), Guest Board (3 Guests allready), and a shopping board! PLEASE COME!!!!.... And could a Mod PLEASE change the title to the new title?
MasterDSX said:
the currency should be called medals like it is in SSBM.
The magazene calls them Smash Coins.
Actually those are the coins found in battle...I tell you what. We will hold a poll on the site. Any one who wants to vote needs to be registered.
And now, I have decided to make 3 team exclucive games.They will be reletivly simple, and I have only done 1 sprite (See the topic in SSC). They will only be exclusive for about a month. Then they will be released for all. It is a way that teams can sosialize. Sharing the Beta version of their game (Fan-veriety or other wise) is a way for teams to be used and enjoyed...
MasterDSX said:
MasterDSX said:
Did I meantion the shopping place, "Shopping Continued"? Come to SSC! I'm almost at the 10 member mark!

A new update! Now with a suggestion forum! Please come

Now with some new buttons! Emphasis on SOME. It is a work in progress and about half of them havn't been done. (reply, edit, quote, all the AIM and other stuff around there, ect) But a good amount is done. Come see!
We'll see. Be a good active member and log in every once an a while, and it's a possibility.

I'd like to note that SSC just got a new skin!

:D Professionaly made, too!
signy? It's in my Sig, now, for I got an affiliate picture and sig-add-on! It was worthy of a bulk e-mail, its worthy of a post.