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Special prize for inviting 3 people!


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Nov 7, 2004
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If you bring three people here you'll win a gmail account!

What is gmail you might ask? Gmail is google's email. It is one of the best emails in the world. You see they just started testing it about half a year ago, so they are free! But you must be invited by another person that earned invites. In the future anyone will be able to have their own account, but at a price. Whats so good about it? It has a whole new layout and lets you store 1000 MB! (compared to hotmail's 20). It also lets you archive messages which means you never EVER have ot delete a message. You can just search for an old email or anything.

So if you get at leats three people here, you'll get your own gmail account. It must bbe confirmed by all three people that you invited them.
(please dont go inviting everone you see)

If you bring 5 people, I'll give you two!