My friend is joining.

Welcome, HyperShadowGirl! Great to have you here at The Bell Tree! Enjoy your time here, and follow the rules!
Hello, I see you're a friend of Ultra's. Welcome to TBT, Hyper Shadow. I am Smart Tech, the local Global Mod. If you ever need anything edited, moved, deleted, or locked, just send me the word, and I'll do it.
elloh.... im, um... fish... yeah... forget my screen name, im fish.


if you're anything like Ultrabyte, you're cool by default

I'm not much of a welcomer, and I'm probably going to make myself look like an idiot, but I'm going to try anyways. >_< Sooo, umm... I'm LINKERATOR96761... And I'm the global moderator of this place (not like I do anything <_< ). So, if you ever need any posts deleted, edited, or whatever, PM Smart or me.