i think im sick....


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Feb 6, 2005
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whats the deal... i've been sick 3 times since september... i still wasn't over my last one i got in mid october >_<

i usually only get sick once a year, around november... and this one isn't fun... whenever im not wrapped in a huge blanket, it feels like im laying in a windy snowdrift... that, plus my throught is soar... and i cant see as well as i used to... i'd go to bed, if it weren't seven...

so yeah, sorry in advance if i freak out at someone, its the cold(?) not me. >_<
Yeah, sorry to hear that too. Hope you feel better soon.

PikMino42 said:
My throught can soar.

:p You mean sore throat.


Feel better.

yeah... i can't see very well... and now all thats really on my head is, "when will the clock say 8:30... i want to go to bed"

if i went to bed now, i'd be up at 3, ready for the new day : \

@darthgohan- of course not... i haven't taken medicine in years... strangly enough.

will someone tell bob i'm not going to be able to do his sig for awhile longer than awhile... i think im going to go to bed... or something...
you might wanna try that medicine stuff...it usually works...
either way, feel better fish.