How were your grades in school?

Have you ever failed a class in school?

  • Yes.

    Votes: 28 30.4%
  • No.

    Votes: 42 45.7%
  • No, but I was close to it.

    Votes: 22 23.9%

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most of school okay, freshman year my grades tanked hard. sophomore year was average, junior and senior year i don't think i ever got below a 85%. but half of my school day was in a simulated work environment that was so ridiculously fun that it would have been hard for me to fail, methinks.
In high school I had good grades, I was on the honour roll most of the time and my grades were good enough to get me in to a good university.

In university is when I failed a class for the first time (and got some D letter grades as well). The uptick in difficulty at university was very noticeable for me ☠️ I was able to turn it around though and still graduate with a decent GPA.
High School I did very well in, but I did put a lot of effort and energy into it. I thankfully never had to struggle too hard once I finally learnt how to study and do homework (my primary school didn’t really help me prepare much for that lol), and I finished as one of the top students in my year.

I’m in my undergrad at uni at the moment and haven’t failed anything yet, but I’ve definitely tried to take a step back in terms of how much energy and stress I put on myself to do well. I still feel like I need to get HDs in everything, but after stressing myself so much in highscool and giving myself major burnout I properly realised how much my expectations were damaging my mental health, so I’ve (slowly) been trying to put less pressure on myself.

Still have more years to go though, so who knows, I might fail one yet lmao
pretty great! i was a straight a student, finished school with the top grades of my class (a*a*a*) and got a place at one of the top 10 unis in the world. as soon as i got to uni..... everything went so downhill lmao !! i just didn't like my degree, my mental health wasn't great, everything was online for 2/3 of it so i was very disillusioned and demotivated by academia. i didn't attend any lectures and did all my assignments (and even my dissertation!) the day before they were due. i still graduated with a good degree classification (a 2.1) but i know that if i felt more passionately about my study and put even a slight increase in effort on any front i could have graduated with a first. considering i did basically nothing for three years i'm definitely not mad at the outcome, but i finished uni with a lot of regret over my degree choice and felt guilty about my work ethic and the cynicism i felt towards an area of my life i used to relish and thrive in. for me, my uni experience was characterised by the experiences i had making new friends, living in a major city, and finding love - i was very antisocial in my teenage years, so on the other hand, i feel glad that i focused on gaining independence and discovering more about myself than surrendering to the intensely competitive academic pressure associated with studying at my university.