How many hours have you spent on ACNH?

How many hours have you spent in ACNH?

  • Less than 100 hours

    Votes: 20 8.1%
  • 101 - 500 hours

    Votes: 56 22.7%
  • 501 - 1000 hours

    Votes: 84 34.0%
  • 1001 - 2000 hours

    Votes: 51 20.6%
  • 2001 - 3000 hours

    Votes: 19 7.7%
  • 3001 - 4000 hours

    Votes: 6 2.4%
  • 4001 - 5000 hours

    Votes: 5 2.0%
  • 5001 hours or more

    Votes: 6 2.4%

  • Total voters
i just hit 1200 hours on it 😽 i try to go on every day to at least do the nook miles tasks, talk to all my villagers, and maybe complete a vacation home if i'm in the mood for it :>
Im at a solid 295, i think it reset my hours because i got a new island because my hours haven't changed since I started playing again.
Last I looked I was over 800 hours, but I don't remember the exact amount. There have been MONTHS where I didn't play. Like recently, I didn't play at all once April hit until last week. But I love the autumn and Halloween and all of that, so I've been hit with the desire to play again. I was trying to think of ways to keep me playing through the spring and summer and I think I'm going to make it so at every anniversary I have to catch all the bugs, fish, and sea creatures again. Since the end of March is usually when I really start to lose interest in the game, I think that this can help give me the feeling of something to do.
I have since checked my hours in animal crossing new horizons since I last posted in the poll I pretty sure I am now at 5600 hours haha
2,175, according to my Switch profile. Though that certainly doesn't account for idling or anything. :p
About 1,200. This is the longest playtime that I’ve ever done for AC so I’m kind of proud of myself.
On my new island, 0 hour because it is not created yet lol; Saturday or Sunday I promise (with my new Switch yeaaaah)
On old ones, something like 150 hours. I've not played a lot to be honest. Because, as I said on other thread, not everything was released. So the game started to be boring for me. Nothing to do after a few hours and a loooong wait to finally discover a complete game. Nintendo did **** this time I must admit.
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Both accounts included I'm at around 1100 hours :) not to shabby i think!
It says here on the friends list that I have played animal crossing for 1,690 hours or more! I play very regularly :)
I started my island in late 2022 and have been playing for about a year and a half as of posting. According to my Switch play activity, I've invested 640+ hours in this game!
I had about 570 hours for New Horizons. It's not a lot compared to other users, but it was consistently in my top most played Switch games for 2 years in a row.
I'm at around 750 hours. I took a lot of long breaks from the game, but since grad school is almost over, I've been playing a lot more lately. This is probably the most hours I have in a single game that isn't a Sims game. Definitely the most hours in a single town, as this is the first time I still have my original town from launch day.