Hi all, new here :)


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May 28, 2024
Hi everybody! I'm new here. I'm trying to get back into ACNH and love older style forums like these and find that they held the longevity of what I'm into!

I started with the original on Gamecube and recently revisited it. I love the charm of the older games a lot. What's your favorite game, qualify of life improvement, or mechanic of the newer games?

Hope everybody is well, thanks for having me!
Hii, welcome to TBT! We’re happy to have you here!

I’ve only played Wild World, New Leaf, Pocket Camp and New Horizons, but the original has always looked like a lot of fun! My favourite of the games I’ve played is definitely New Leaf; if it had New Horizons’ graphics, villagers not being able to move out without permission, the ability to relocate buildings and the original/Wild World’s dialogue, it would honestly be a near perfect AC game for me! My favourite newer mechanic is definitely villagers not moving out without permission, but I also like that our characters have longer legs now! The shorter characters in the first 3 games were adorable, but I really like being able to wear pants.. and skirts.. and dresses ! I also like diving!

I love to see some love for Marcel and Paolo! They’re such cuties! ☺️
hello! i'm new here too... i love forums too; i grew up on them and i think they're just a lot less stressful than discord servers and such, with far greater longevity like you said.

i think my favourite game sort of varies! i have the most nostalgia/fondness for wild world because i remember loving it so much as a little kid, even though i don't actually remember PLAYING it... i used to read webcomics people made about the game and just generally enjoy the sort of older, weirder vibe of it. i played new leaf later with a friend and was obsessed with it but i honestly don't remember very much of it anymore :( i just started a fresh save though!

acnh really does have so many quality of life improvements that make it difficult for it NOT to be my favourite; i think the only thing is that i prefer the villager dialogue in the older games, but idk if that's just nostalgia talking! my favourite quality of life improvement of ACNH is fruit stacking (and not having to do it manually!) and the fact that running on grass doesn't obliterate it :3

anyway, welcome to the forum! i hope we both enjoy it here. also it's so nice to see someone who loves marcel! i only discovered he existed fairly recently and i just love him, he's so cute.