Have you ever had a time where you were pissed at a villager?

Mar 14, 2023
Old Eggs
(Been a while, hasn't it?)
Today I was getting money from the rock and Spork was doing his airplane movement (Since he had the Play hobby) and he ended up doing it when I around the money rock, making me accidentally talked to him and as a result making me run out of time to get some bells from the rock. I have never felt so ****ING pissed at a villager before and I hope this is the only time.
Have you ever had a time where a villager did something that made you pissed?
I think something similar happened to me when a villager was doing the airplane movement. I was upset, but I ended up getting over it. I dislike Marina because of her name. She shares a name with the person that used to be bully me in school. A lot of people were bullies, but this girl was the worst and was involved in almost all of the bullying incidents.
I misread the title as "pissing" and not "pissed". 😳😳 I know I'd always find it annoying when villagers in the Gamecube Animal Crossing would be like "Hahaha, I'm taking this [insert furniture here] from you and there's nothing you can do about it!" and then they give you very few bells in return or some dumb item. 🤬 Ever since, I always drop cool furniture on the ground or hide it in my letters inventory. Not taking any chances! 🔐🍃
I wouldn’t say that I’ve ever been pissed at a villager, but there’ve definitely been times where I’ve been annoyed. I can’t think of any specific situation, but one of my biggest annoyances is when I’m trying to terraform and/or decorate my island, and my villagers keep getting in the way. I swear they’re programmed to be wherever I am when I’m trying to do something decorative, because nothing gets me surrounded by villagers quicker than putting my terraforming hardhat on. 😂 Having to push a villager out of the way every few minutes is annoying, but I don’t terraform or decorate very much, so it’s thankfully not an issue that I have to deal with often.

I’ve accidentally talked to a villager when I was actually trying to hit a rock as well. I’ve also accidentally dug a hole instead of hitting the rock. I mostly still hit rocks for fun since I don’t really need bells or materials anymore, so it’s not a massive loss or anything, but I agree that it’s still a bit annoying. Having a villager barge into my house when I’m trying to decorate or get something out of storage is also a pain, so I try not to spend much time in my house. Or if I do, I hang out in any room other than the main room so that if a villager does come by, they’ll think I’m not home and leave.

My final little annoyance is when I’m time travelling to try and get a certain villager to ask to move out, and everyone but that villager asks. Though, I’m more annoyed at RNG during those times than the villager themself. 😅
Pretty much everything that Xara said. Rodney just refused to move for the longest time! Also, I've accidentally talked to a villager while trying to hit a rock more than once. It seems like villagers always want to visit me or have me visit them when I'm trying to get something else done.

Also, one time I was trying to make a Snowboy, and TWO of my villagers kept hanging around the area. Most of my island has furniture or trees nearby so the area I have to make a Snowboy in is pretty limited, and Hamlet and Sterling WOULD NOT GET OUT OF THE WAY!
I have accidentally talked to villagers many times when hitting rocks. Thankfully it’s usually getting materials instead of bells .

my biggest annoyances is when I’m trying to terraform and/or decorate my island, and my villagers keep getting in the way. I swear they’re programmed to be wherever I am when I’m trying to do something decorative,
Yea they are always in the way when I try to terraform. Then when I actually want to find them they are no where to be found. When terraforming I now build a fence to keep them away.
One of my old villagers, Cyd, decided it was a great idea to wear a green-colored embroidered tank...and he never changed out of it!
Its Dobie. Ever since when he told me "listen nobody is telling you to decorate the entire island" I have had a huge hatered towards him. This was back in 2020 when I was still making my island. He is just the type of character that didn't seem to apperciate all the hard work I've done on the island.
This might be odd, but I did not like Beau in New Horizons. Something about him creeped me out,, (probably his smug personality), and it did not help that he kept walking near my house.

Also not New Horizons, but in New Leaf Drift placed his house on my mango tree(s), which made me upset and forever spite him :,(
I can't exactly recall all the times I was ever mad at a villager, but I do remember some moments...
  • The fact that I had Rocket as a starter. While my other starter, Bud, was perfect due to the game's overall aesthetic and taking place on an island, Rocket's aesthetic made no sense whatsoever, and I couldn't wait for her to get bored and ask to leave. It took much longer than I'd like, but she eventually left in August 2020 and I had her replaced by someone else.
    • Ironically enough, Bud was the first villager to ever ask to leave my island, and I allowed it as I wanted someone else via amiibo.
  • As I was in the process of moving Scoot in, I forgot to scan his card for two consecutive days and complete his DIY requests. As a result, Antonio swings by out of nowhere and takes his plot, and I wasn't particularly happy about it. Despite me not really liking anteater villagers in general, Antonio ended up being alright, but I had a mission to accomplish. Thus, after two weeks of no move out requests, I forcefully kicked Antonio out (one of only two times I ever did so) and finished moving Scoot in.
  • One time, I spotted the elusive scarab beetle late at night, and I needed to catch it for my museum. Easy, right? Nah. Standing next to this beetle was Apollo, who was curiously looking at it. As I was sneaking up trying to catch it, my net instead hits his big fat head, and the beetle flies away. Well, so much for that.
    • Oh, and the reason why I let Apollo go? He would constantly wear clothes I never approved him to wear, such as a black sleeveless sweater tank and a peasant blouse. I'm not even joking. After asking Isabelle countless times to revert his fashion sense, I had enough and let him leave when he asked. The villager I replaced him with? My best friend, Lopez.
    • Weirdly enough, Lopez would also wear a yellow peasant blouse on random occasions, but unlike Apollo, this behavior stopped quickly, and now he wears much better outfits, such as the flame tee I often make him wear.
  • I waited nearly three years for Jacques to give me his photo. Well, that never happened, and so I finally decided to let him go and move someone else in to see how quick I could obtain their photo. This villager would turn out to be Poncho, and it took him 50 real life days to give me his photo. Kind of dumb, isn't it? Funnily enough, I wound up quickly breaking this personal record with Kyle, as it took him 41 real life days to give me his photo.
    • I was so impressed by Poncho's feat - and also because I personally find him to be incredibly adorable - that I decided to make him a permanent resident. I have no regrets.
  • I don't get angry about this a ton, but I often spot Dotty sitting or fishing next to my island's river. The issue? Accessing many parts of said river is limited via 1x1 path. Detouring around her can be a pain sometimes if I'm in a river fishing mood.
  • And lastly, for obvious reasons, Raddle gives me major anxiety issues, despite never being a resident on my island. I won't go into any further detail than that.
I get mad at them for stealing plots reserved for others,
when they get in the way when I try to shoot a balloon and end up talking to them instead,
when I just want to go in my house quickly for something and they just barge in, take a book and read.
I misread the title as "pissing" and not "pissed".
I hate to admit it, but so did I.

I wouldn’t say that I’ve ever been pissed at a villager...Having a villager barge into my house when I’m trying to decorate or get something out of storage is also a pasn
This was going to be my complaint too. It always happens when I want to store some items before ending my session. However, I wouldn't say I have ever been pissed. Maybe a loud sigh and a strong roll of the eyes 👀
This was going to be my complaint too. It always happens when I want to store some items before ending my session. However, I wouldn't say I have ever been pissed. Maybe a loud sigh and a strong roll of the eyes 👀
Yeah, I've put wooden storage sheds and a couple of wardrobes all over my island so that I don't have to go inside my house as much.
This will be in chronological order of some stuff I remember:

* Back in April 2012 - when I first got Wild World, I was hoping I would get Static as my cranky villager (he was my #1 favorite villager at the time). I didn’t start with a cranky villager but he (the cranky villager) was my third move-in. I spent those three days hoping I would get him but when we got to the third day where I would only get a cranky villager, guess who I get? My most hated villager of all time: Rolf! 💢
I ended up deleting that town and resetting until I got Static as a starter. However, I have a better method of getting dream villagers in WildWorld, which I will be getting into:

If only I knew about the villager reset trick back then, I would have handled the situation better. I didn’t know it was a thing in Wild World until like July 2016 when I discovered it on accident. I’ve only ever heard people talk about it in New Leaf, which this took place before it even came out. Luckkly, I don’t have to worry about situations like what happened above more, since I can just do the villager trick too get the villager(s) I want. I got Apollo in my WW town a few days ago from it. ^_^ 💕

* I remember being pissed off at T-Bone in New Leaf because he would refuse to move out of my New Leaf town. If only I knew about villager adoption. This was back in the summer of 2013 when new New Leaf was in its dawn. I honestly wouldn’t mind having him in the GameCube version, but I’m just not a fan that he’s now a cranky villager. My dream villagers back then were Kabuki and/or Monty, and he moved instead and refused to leave.

* OK, I love this goat a lot, she’s criminally underrated, but I’m never going to forget the time where VELMA beat me in the fishing tourney in New Leaf back in November 2015. I had caught the winning fish. The tourney was supposed to end in 30 minutes when I caught a crucian carp to put me in first. But apparently, that was enough time for Velma to win and take my spot in first place. I was pissed. 🙃🙃🙃

Also, it was a specific fish, fishing tourney, so I couldn’t just cheese it by going to the island to catch a shark, I had to settle with only catching crucian carps.

* Don’t get me wrong. I love her to death, but I remember when I was trying to catch a rosia bestine beetle (or however the hell you spell it). I believe it was either June or July 2020. Then Astrid tries to catch it, and she scares it away. This was in New Horizons since the bug is exclusive to the game.

*And most recently, I was pissed off at Bella in City Folk last weekend because she had two pieces of lovely furniture, which she would not sell either to me. It was the flea market. She had the bed and I think the dresser, which I have the table in City Folk.
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When a villager spreads their catchphrase onto other villagers without my permission.

Ketchup was a MENACE. She had a third of my island saying "bitty".

On an unrelated note: Ketchup moved away after nearly two years on my island. :cry:
I was trying to catch a golden stag, and Lopez thought it was a good time to run up to me, and he scared it away. I spent so many hours looking for stags and it really annoyed me lol. I still have to find that one.
Lopez just wanted to gift me a towel wrap
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I've never really been pissed but I get a little annoyed when I try to terraform and the villagers come gather round the stream/pond/whatever I'm working on. Or when I would pop into my house to quick grab something and someone would come over for a 10 min visit.

By far the most upset I've gotten with a villager was in New Leaf. Someone decided to move in dead center of the path I just finished laying the day before to finish off my town. I didn't even get to make a dream address before it was ruined lol.