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Harry Potter: Half-Blood Prince

kool, but were i was gonna get it, there where hundreds of people in line.... so i am gonna get it today.
I preordered it from Amazon. :yes:
Did you notcie, how Voldimort is like Hitler? And Dumbledor is like Churchill?

Dumble, tries to tell poeple that he is alive, like Churchill tried to get poeple to see how Hitler really is, the poeple on top said he was lying, and everyone got angry with him, that is not in this one book...but the whole sieres
the site really needs to have a edit feature for the lower ranks

when people take jokes the wrong way then all you have to do is edit them out

idk i think its just a suggestion
Pie_Or_Die said:
im jw why do yall like reading+harry potter so much
i dont exactly...

uhh... yeah, notice the page 2 thing.... yeah... im not all that obsessed... or, not anymore... i used to like it alot more, now i see how close it is to starwars


pretty soon, we will all start rioting when Rowling says Voldemort is Harry's dad...