explain your current avatar

my avatar is my favourite moment from the opening of Mario Party 1, where Wario and Donkey Kong start to argue over who is the superstar and poor Luigi gets caught in the middle of their feud 😂
at least he seems to be pretty squishy hehehe

My plan was to change my icon to my OC Crisp as soon as @ZeldaCrossing64 stopped using her as their avatar, but then I grew impatient. Guess that means we're "Crisp buddies" for who knows how long. XD
honestly that's huge friendo vibes though
Well, I took a little photo of Lopez I previously made for one of my "faux album arts", added some stupid filters, threw a border on it 'cause why not, and went too far with shadows. It's really nothing special. This was simply the result of boredom, that's all.

Crossing Zone Avatar.png

Ah, who am I kidding. I like how this turned out.
It's purple-haired Deku/Izuku Midoriya, drawn by the very talented artist, @nyx~ ! I was trying to find one online that matches the rest of my purple aesthetic and couldn't find anything good, so I commissioned Tora to draw one for me, and I simply love it! 💜 :blush: