Ewww its BAMBAM!

Propaganda Man

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Feb 27, 2005
yes its me! :eek:....:eek:...:eek:...

B) ...:eek:

anyways I am back...and man this place had yet to feel my wrath! >:D

or gratitude that is


I am going to get this place a little more bigger...wait...I was told not to lie..

A LOT more bigger! EVERYONE will be involved even pikmin, which reminds me, PM me I need you to do somthing very important that can get us 100 members in 1 day without pm advertising

anyways you can use this theread for


and get a life BAM :|

or saying

who let the dork back in :|
the only way this can happenif sum1 makes random names *cough pod* *cough i think* *cough jk cough* yes im sick *hacks*
No one would ever say that in my forum.


But what's this secret plot? It's sounds more like a secret flop.
:rofl: Sometimes I kill myself.... (kidding, I know that wasn't funny)
Well, I think that the 100 members thing is sort of too much, but expect 20 members a day once we get certain things going.
i vote we dont do it... we may get members, but we will lose our soul...

welcome back... i guess...
We already lost our soul when we got rid of the :llama:.

Smart_Tech_Dragon_15 said:
PikMino42 said:
We already lost our soul when we got rid of the :llama:.

Oh, we could do without the llama. It's like carrying a 32 inch Plasma Screen Televison during a nature hike, not a necessity.
You weren't there, Smart Tech.
Yeah, but you have to have been there. In fact, I don't even think there is more than one post left about it.

:( Two, now that I think harder.

I have one question for everyone to think about before this happens - Is there not a pretty good chance that 100 new members in one single day could possibly overrun the whole atmosphere, the culture i guess you could say, of the current bell tree? we are always looking for new members, but to get so many at once, there is definitely a risk.