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*Does The Robot*


total a-hole
Jun 19, 2005
Hey everyone, there was a pep rally today, and I lost my voice. :lol:

We had a dance and pizza. Seeing that how studly I am

B) and I am new at the school, I had *Counts Fingers* 1,2..5 girls ask me to dance, and of course, I asked some. We screamed and shouted to the school cheer, and ate some pizza. All the high school girls were all like: 'Oh, your name is Fabio? That is sooo cool!! *Insert Squeel Here*' So, has anyone else been to a pep rally? Or for that matter, got as much luck as I did?

our pep rally was yesterday, and my voice is pretty much gone (cold+pep rally=no voice), and you're quite lucky.
i going to have my pep rally tomarrow
i cant wait to lose my voice our pep rallys are like u slow dance with ur girl friend the they have like rock and metal songs and then we cheer and play games
Pep Rallys, I don't like them. I mean, in my opinion, they're just a waste of time. All you do is scream your head off because of some sports players. I don't really see the fun in that. In fact, I really don't like sports at all.
i play soccer and tennis...i just got back from our homecoming game, but we lost 20-17

I think there's one this week, but I don't really want to go.
Well, I can make my own pep rally. <___<

*cheers for ailing Minnesota Twins*
*cheers for idiotic Minnesota Vikings*
*cheers for not-yet-playing Minnesota Timberwolves*
*cheers for likey-to-lose Minnesota Wild*

Yeah, we suck . : \

LOL haha i can make one about the white sox that are going to the play offs
and every1 would come cuz lke every1 is a sox fan at our school
Well, I just remembered we have a mandatory one. <__< Oops.