Do you know anyone who plays Animal Crossing IRL?

Do you know anyone who plays Animal Crossing IRL?

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More like "played". I used to play ACNH with a former coworker since he was a big fan of Wild World and was excited with NH. We both fell out of it well before he resigned.

Also my sister used to play when she was at home during the lockdowns and she stole the basketball hoop I had outside my house looool
You know what? Of all the people my dad still plays New Leaf. I got him into Wild World when I was a kid, it was the only thing I truly enjoyed with him and he’s stuck to the old games longer than me. Switch is too expensive to buy another and I told him I think New Leaf was better for him anyway.
Only one person. It was a friend from high school. New Leaf was already several years old at that point, but we were both willing to open the game back up and do mini games for a while. It was a great time and some of the most fun I had with the series.

A few years later my mom and I bought her a Switch Lite with New Horizons for her birthday. Her first reaction was how much better the graphics were. I’m not sure how long she ended up playing that one.
I have a few cousins that play the game and some people I’ve interacted with on Twitter played. I do miss playing with them since it has been a long time since we’ve played.
A lot of my friends picked up New Horizons years ago, even ones I never expected to do so. (I have a male friend who many years ago said it wasn't his style, but then he got NH and liked it lol). I love seeing Animal Crossing do so well. I felt so alone when I loved it back in the early 2000s.
My older sister and older brother!

I think I was the one who got them both into it, actually. When New Leaf came out, I played like crazy. I was declining socially because all I wanted to do was play AC:NL .. so my sister and brother got into it so I had someone to play with 🥺 But of course, I also had the forums so I had several friends here who played! But it was nice having irls to play with me also.
My cousin has New Horizons and I don't think she has played in a while. I didn't see a lot of her island but I remember it seemed like a lot of effort was put into it. Maybe when her Switch is available I can check it out again. Maybe I can share a few photos here, but I need to get permission from her first.
I'm coming back to update my response. I finally got to visit her island a few weeks ago, but by the time I got there she was in the process of renovating it, so everything looks barren and stuff. This was the only good photo I could take of her island while I was there.
My best friend from high school introduced me to the franchise (wild world). Although we both stopped playing when we graduated, I discovered ACNL again on my own when I was in college. There were two other girls from my college who I was already friends with that I found out had ACNL because we realized that we kept street passing each other at school. Also it turned out that someone who interned for me recognized me from this forum as they were also a member at the time LOL.

For ACNH, all 4 of my best friends/studio mates got it during COVID lockdowns. I had moved back home during COVID so it was super wholesome to play with them through the game. Only one of them is still invested in the franchise but she plays pocket camp more than ACNH now.

The only people I know in real life who play Animal Crossing are two old friends from high school. We don't talk much anymore these days, but the three of us were in a Discord server with a few other people just discussing the game and bonding over it.
A lot of my friends play! But they usually only play for a little while after each new game comes out, and give up. I usually play the current mainline game until another comes out, and sometimes I play more than one at a time. I'm definitely the most obsessed with AC out of everyone I know.
I really wish I did. I don't consider myself to have friends in real life these days, so as you can probably tell, I don't use online features all that often except to grab missing items from others.
yes! someone from my school, as well as my brother!

seeing that person from school post ac in their story gives me an incentive to pick up my switch again and start a new island. hopefully i can do that soon after finishing up some games and grinding the dbd pass!