Describe your town.

mines nice. I have a good amount oftrees and the water fall is in the center of the map. I sadly don't have an island crossing my river though

I've got an even amount of trees in each acre and one of those island rivers (the one with the island with bridges around it). Umm...not sure what else is very special about it.
I don't have a lot of trees (that's what the wishing well says), and I made a fence for all of the controllable characters (around their houses) using a fence design and sign-boards.
My town is perfect(Or at least that's what the WW says). I have a variety of animals.

3 Frogs
2 Rabbits
1 Squirrel
1 sheep
1 anteater
1 cow
1 duck
1 pig
1 bear
1 penguin
1 cat
1 rotating character (currently pig)