Dentist :)


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Feb 6, 2005
so yeah... today i went to the dentists...

maybe its the laughing gas talking, oh, wait, its not... everything seemed to go perfectly wrong, it was a beautiful disaster, if you will


i walk in there, they get me all ready, then start to saw my tooth off... i guess i was getting a filling or something, thats the second one in my entire life

:p they find out its bigger than it should be, so after sawing me while im under the influence of laughing gas thats faulty... i could feel everything, even though it didn't hurt, its still a little weird to have a guy's arm halfway down your face with a special water gun... then they smear some jelly on me, and numb my teeth, then start drilling again... good thing the numbing stuff started working right after they finished, i would have been worried...

i wish i could bite down... that'd rule >_> my teeth are numb.

anyone else had great (great being horrible) adventures at the Dentist/Doctor/whateverer



on a side note, i'd like everyone to go with me, in the Boycott of TNZ, why? well, the adminship there is faulty, at best. just look at this nice Email i got:

Your member account at The Nintendo Zone has been temporarily suspended.

Your account will not be functional until Sep 29 2005, 12:01 PM (depending on
your timezone) for the following reason:

Constant flaming, even after you've been banned for it already.

If, when your suspension ends, you continue, you will be IP banned.

funny, i got this today... i haven't been on there in atleast 3 days : \ and the last thing i did there was send a PM to Yoshi... nothing threatening, just chat really.

this just proves if the adminship hates you, you're expendable... sort of like what hitler did in the Halocaust, if he didn't like someone's beleif's like jews, homosexuals, cripples and such, he'd have them killed.
wait, what do you want us to do?
and i've never had laughing gas or my tooth drilled. but i hate braces :angry:
I've had 6 teeth pulled out, total. Most being baby molars. I remember, I had 2 upper molars taken out at the same time, I couldn't eat right because of that for over a month. Nothing but pudding and soft foods. But things improved over time. This was about, oh, 3 years ago, I think. Anyways, I have no baby teeth left.
I remember I had to get 7 sealances or whatever... after they did them, it turned out they screwed up, so they had to do it again. >__>

Other than breaking some blood vessels in my chin from being open too long and having a checkup I was taken out of school from that only lasted 45 seconds (I counted in my heard,) I haven't had very many bad experiences.