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BAMBAM!'s Birthday/Barmitzva party!

Propaganda Man

Senior Member
Feb 27, 2005
First off...please don't move this...to me this is a very important thread....

<big><big><big><big><big>BAMBAM! Birthday/Barmitzva Party!</big></big></big></big></big><big><big>

Welcome to my party, this is to cellabrate me 13th birthday and my Barmitzva! Feel free to drink, eat, chat, and give me virtual presents! I will try to have party games too! (I really do have a borthday and a Barmitzva coming up. Birthday and half of my Barmitzva os on May 21 and the reast of my barmitzva is on May 22. This will close Monday night.)
[quote="] BAMBAM!, you get a prize! (PM me, ultra secret)... Hehehehehe.... [/quote]
its a FREE!!! Virus!