୨⎯ Aquilla's Art Mart ⎯୧ | [BIG UPDATE: new styles, new categories, and EGGS] | [now open]

Hope it’s ok to post your art dearest Soph ❤️

I just love my birthday art of my beautiful Brandy 😍🥰❤️ Thank you, for being the sweetest friend and gifting me your amazingly gorgeous art, ily 💜

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I really like your Chibi art (all of your art actually)! Good luck with your exams!

When you're able to take commissions again I would definitely be interested in getting a new avatar for the event <3 ⭐
I really like your Chibi art (all of your art actually)! Good luck with your exams!

When you're able to take commissions again I would definitely be interested in getting a new avatar for the event <3 ⭐
Thank you Kaiaa! It would be an honor to make a new avatar for you :3 my last exam will be on Monday and I hope to pick up where I left off some time next week. I’ll let you know!

I am in the process of setting up a separate camp icons pop up shop that will be operating separately from my art mart. Keep your exes peeled if you’re interested! ✨
yay shop's open! all the pieces are amazing 💜

Category and Style: animals realism - my fluff ball Oliver
Description: any expression/pose - my brother says he always looks like a grumpy cat but he's a teddy bear 😂
References: apparently I have 100s of pics of him sleeping on his back and hardly any of him awake - will put the ones that show him best in spoilers below but can grab more if that helps
Additional comment: you're a ⭐
: rlc



edit: back with one of the other orders 🥰

Category and Style: chibi, detailed half body
Description: maybe like a happy or curious expression, hugging a plushie - so indecisive tho so between the sheep, the whale (tho maybe more like the collectible one) or Celeste plush (I haven't narrowed this down very well 😅)? like the simple backgrounds, galaxy one is very pretty!
References: my pocket camp rep with some plushies

image0 2.jpeg

Additional comment: thank you 💜
: rlc
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✨ Quick announcement ✨

After finishing the currently ongoing commission here (JemAC) I will take a wee holiday! I need some time to practice and draw some of my own ideas and I also feel quite burnt out from the event x) I'll be back in a few weeks tho! In the meantime feel free to still fill out and post order forms or ask to be pinged when I'm back <3 I'll pick up where I left off after my break!

Thanks for looking!
Hi! Please put me on your ping list, if you don’t mind! Seeing your detailed chibis, I am obsessed! 😍
Can you throw me onto the ping list? I've mostly figured out what I want to order, but I want to wait until you're ready to take commissions again before posting the order form!
I hope you're doing well and having a nice holiday! Would love to be added to the pinglist for when you're taking commissions again. In love with your realism pet drawings!
I hope you're doing well and having a nice holiday! Would love to be added to the pinglist for when you're taking commissions again. In love with your realism pet drawings!
Thank you! My holiday got stretched longer than I meant it to, because I had so much to do irl. My semester starts again this week and will be busy, but I’m hoping to pick up the pace here again as soon as I can! I’ll add you to the list, thank you for your interest 🩷
I would love to commission you but idk exactly how to go about this. I’ll try to fill out the form to the best of my ability:

Category and Style: fanart/animal features/I guess anthro
Description: i was really inspired by your Ankha The Empress tarot card and was wondering if you could do something similar in pose with the bastet from Merlin? Preferably holding(/wielding/offering) Aerondight from The Witcher 3.

Additional comment: this is mix and match fandoms so additional influences would be Freya of the Druids in Merlin and the Lady of the Lake in The Witcher 3, the former might be useful for garments but I’m not am particularly attached to either of her outfits.
: i would gladly pay with collectibles or TBT, or if you’re at all interested I would be willing to ATTEMPT to create a sewing pattern of your choice as a sort of art exchange. I have no idea how much something like this would cost nor if any of those options are appealing to you.

Thanks so much for deciphering this tangled web of fandom references, and as always I adore your artwork and can’t wait to see what you do next!

Finally managed to finish updating the shop! Tbt formating will be the death of me I stg I had to re-do the example section 3 times.

There are changes in basically all categories, as I've drawn a lot since starting the shop and my art has changed quite substantially. There are also two new categories: Animal crossing and carved, painted Eggs! :3

My turnover will probably be a lot slower compared to the beginning of my shop, because my styles are so much more detailed now and I am also really stressed busy at uni this semester, so bear with me <3

There have been some very patient souls waiting on my pinglist for my break and update to conclude and I will give those a ping in a little while.
As promised, shop re-open ping <3

@Biyaya @Yoshi155 @~Kilza~ @Kitsuragi @Kevinnn

Thank you for being so patient with me, updating my shop took way longer than I expected as I essentially had to build it from scratch again ;u; You five were interested in ordering some art a while ago. Have a look around, there are some new styles and sections available! No pressure if you changed your mind and don't wanna order anything anymore <3
The new poptart icon looks perfect!
I would like to fill in the order for the new character I made. 🥰
Category and Style: Poptart
Description: She is doing the 'ohohoho' (ojou-sama laugh) pose. And, make the BG day sky please.
characteralt concept2.png
characteralt concept faces.png
Additional comment: I'll come back for another poptart icon for my main artist-sona some other time. The poptart style looks amazing! I forgot the star if any, here! ⭐
: 2k tbt
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sent a PM with questions in regards to the pieces I want to get done! thank you for the ping!
Definitely a bit of a struggle to try and re-work my request with the new styles (along with me now doubting what I want, lmao), but that's on me, not you!

Category and Style: Before: Detailed Chibi, Half-Body
Now: OCs and Character Art, somewhere between Long Cheeb, Half-Body and Poptart, Half-Body?
Description: My island rep, wearing the Bolts RR 2.0 jersey, holding a flag with the Bolts current logo on it. So like the camp avatars except more detailed? Expression is up to you. Likely a red background with whatever else you feel would fit in there. Probably lightning/electric effects as well if you're comfortable with it?
Island Rep:

Except, because I kinda want to more closely represent me, I'd want to swap out the in-game jersey with the RR 2.0 jersey (first one is what the front of the jersey looks like, second one is an IRL picture to give a better idea of the sleeves. DM me for more pictures as needed):


Plus, the Bolts logo for the flag:
Additional comment: This will end up being used for my avatar if that makes any difference to you. DM me through Discord if need be, since admittedly I'm not 100% sure on everything and am starting to doubt parts of what I want, lol, but I am always willing to be flexible for your own benefit. But you're a ⭐ artist, I know you can work your magic on this! Thanks for your consideration!
Payment: Minimum 1k TBT? I can easily do more depending on how complex this ends up being + how much you have to ask me about it + how much time you end up putting into it!
Thanks for the ping!

Category and Style: Full Body Cheeb
Description: I want him to be holding the dove in the air with one hand (doesn't matter which one) and his other hand at his side, and the background should be a blue sky with some clouds, and I also want him to be facing forward.


Additional comment: Thanks for doing this!
Payment: 600 tbt.
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