Agar Reviews: WarioWare Touched!


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Mar 7, 2005
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Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: WarioWare Inc. lol
Genre: Action
No. of players: 1 Player
Release Date: Feb. 14, 2005
ESRB Rating: E

A few years back I fondly remember a game called WarioWare. A wacky game from the land of the rising sun (which is to be expected; see Katamari Damacy) that was full of surprises. The follow up to this was a not so well received WarioWare Inc. Mega Party Games (which focused on multi-player and brought no new games to the table). However, now we have two great new WarioWare titles to play with; WarioWare Twisted and WarioWare Touched, this review focused on the later.

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Graphics: 8/10
The graphics in this game are unique to the DS. Although the DS can handle much more than this game puts out, the graphic style that has been established in this series fits very nicely in WarioWare Touched. Through a wild assort of mini-games you are quickly immersed in this quirky style.

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Story: 10/10
Wario has just stumbled upon a DS and decides to make games for it. With double the screens he is bound to make double the money. This is the premise of the game. With the help from his friends, he can put together a great game. At the beginning of each character's story you will see a small skit about why they are playing the mini-games they are. Through the story these short but funny clips make the short story worth it and add incentive.
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Wario joins Richard Branson as a motorcycle-riding CEO. Maybe next he'll get his own reality TV show: "The Rebel Garlic-Eating Billionaire!"

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Sound: 9.5/10
This game takes the cake here. With some characters having their own exclusive background music, this game's music will not get old. This game's music fits perfectly with the quirky mini-games and is a pleasure to listen to while playing.

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Gameplay: 9/10
These mini-games are simple. Almost too simple. This is the game's downfall. With the game being called Touched, there is not much room for anything else. With the limited controls, the mini-games can get old, fast. You will constantly be moving in circles for Dr. Crygor's games, short strokes for Mona and constant blowing into the mic for Mike's games. This is about as varied as it gets. There are some good parts though. These being the unlockables. For beating a boss or beating some wild high score you will unlock small treasures. These can vary from talking to gramma from setting a metronome. Getting that last elusive treasure is incentive for all those collector types (anyone remember the Pokemon phrase?). This also adds great replay value.

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Overall: 9.3/10
Despite the control fall-backs, this is a great game. Many people may think a game about mini-games could be lame, but they are wrong! I can't begin to explain how addictive or pleasing this game is to play. Another great game by Nintendo and finally we have a gem for the DS.