3DS and Wii U online memories


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May 28, 2023
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Please forgive me if someone already made a more popular post about this. Anyway, you probably already know by now, but you won't be able to play online on the 3DS and Wii U starting sometime in April next year. But instead of being upset, I want to know what your favorite things about playing online were. I vividly remember playing Mario Kart 7 online and visiting New Leaf towns. What are your memories? Share them below!
I mostly remember the 3DS because there weren't a lot of things I played online on the Wii U.
I remember playing with my friend in New Leaf starting back in 2013. We'd spend hours in each other's towns and I cannot remember why or how it was so long. I also remember going to Club Tortimer A LOT, which I no longer do because of the hackers.
As for Pokemon, I remember using Wonder Trade a lot in the gen 6 & 7 games. It was pretty fun and occasionally I'd get something nice, even if it was just hacked lol. I will probably at least go do more Wonder Trading before online shuts down.
Does anyone remember Nintendo Video? I do... that was a free app from the eShop that would have 4 ( I think?) videos at one time that you could watch. It may have changed weekly? I remember watching things like Dinosaur Office and a special 3D episode of Kirby Right Back at Ya! I don't think the app lasted very long so people who got the 3DS late wouldn't have ever seen it.
i dabbled in online play a bit for the style savvy 3ds games (trendsetters and fashion forward), but the main game that i played online was new leaf. i had so much fun trading with other players and giving away items on gamefaqs, animal crossing community, and here, visiting dream towns, visiting other towns to get petitions signed for my villagers and to drop off katie, etc. i was too afraid to use club tortimer more than a handful of times, but my favourite new leaf memory actually took place on a club tortimer island.

i was bored one night and decided to finally use club tortimer for longer than a couple of minutes. i went island hopping for a while; i didn’t run into many people or come across any interesting club tortimer exclusive items, but on the last island i went to, i ran into a player named hannah. i don’t remember how our interaction started; i’m assuming she approached me since i was too shy to initiate anything lol, but we ended up playing minigames together.

we didn’t talk very much since iirc there was a language barrier, but she was a lot of fun to play with. i don’t remember what her character looked like or how long we played together, but i think it was at least an hour before she had to go. we said bye to each other the best we could, and before she left, she gifted me a ukulele. and then she was gone :’)

it’s been 6 years since i last played new leaf, but i’ve never forgotten hannah or her kindness. as someone who avoided using club tortimer for so long because she was socially anxious and worried about who’d she run into, i think hannah was exactly the person i needed to meet. i still didn’t use club tortimer much after that, but it’s still one of my favourite memories, and she encouraged me to be more open to doing things like that moving forward.

i hope hannah is out there somewhere and doing well 💖
It's definitely been a while but I have lots of memories from Club Tortimer. It seems like the island has been taken over by hackers, so unfortunately it isn't the same. Although, I still had fun with it when everything was normal.
Online on the Nintendo 3DS . I played Mario Kart 7 online and I was beaten everytime by Japanese people . I can't beat Japanese ghosts in time trails. The Japanese are very good at Mario Kart.
In ACNL on the trading blog I used to use I put up a submission that Maple was in boxes and to make an offer, I had just reset and so it was a brand new town (and this was before you could sell your town to Nook to get stuff when resetting) so I had nothing. Maple was a starter villager and was the first to try to move out. I would always just give the villager to the first offer, even if it was for free. The first person to make an offer offered 5 MILLION bells. I accepted and started off my new game with tons of money, I loved that.
I also loved playing Splatoon online with my friend, and Smash 4 too ig (although I sucked at it and refused to play it out of frustration after a while lol)
Oh! And I also loved Club Tortimer! It took me forever to realize what it was and how it worked but when I did I had so much fun playing on it. It's also how I learned that you actually could have a darker skin tone in New Leaf, I played with someone who's villager was brown and immedietely googled how to do it. To this day I've never been able to get a tan in New Leaf. F
I mainly just played ACNL I think online - mostly with people on here but also visiting Club Tortimer. Like others have said, there's no way I'm going to risk going back to Club Tortimer with all the hackers on there now and the horror stories I've heard from people. It's so sad that these people with nothing else better to do than to destroy others' towns and happiness have taken it over.

I will never forget the fun I had online in NL though and all the friends I made. I remember chatting through the best friend feature, touring people around my town, doing tours together etc.

So sad that Nintendo is doing this but I guess it has to be done at some point.