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  • Oh, I forgot Jack went for that much! I think I'll pass on that for now. I did see a Jingle sell on B3N's thread for 200 TBT earlier today, would that be good for you?
    I won’t be available for the rest of today, I’ll VM you next time I’m online incase if you want to pick up your stuff :)
    Quick question about your commission! What are some of the villagers in Sherwood? I wanna know the best for me to draw <3
    Sent! I'll come back when I'm caught up with things if you're interested in the future. c:
    Hey love, just stopping by to apologize for the wait for your art. Since the beginning of the year (well actually, December) I've been unable to focus well. I was wondering if you'd like a refund until I can start on it, as I feel guilty for holding it this long without the return.

    Hope all is well <3
    sorry about the delay recently, i have your order put together and am ready tonight :)
    Hello, before starting your order, I do have one question. Anastasia's hair, is it in a ponytail, pigtails or down with a blue bow?
    hey man if its alright with you do you mind me completing your order tomorrow? its getting late here so id like to go to sleep and chill out soon :)
    Hi! I don't know if you have gotten my email with your order or not. Let me know if you have or if I should also send it here. :)
    sorry for such the long wait, was having trouble connecting to the internet. My gates are open, I've got your items and K.K is in my campground c:
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